I survived the crazy work weekend!! Yesterday I worked my first ever double and boy was that rough on my feet, but besides that, I think I managed pretty well! I even had a customer compliment me to my manager, which was pretty cool! I knew I needed something to hold me over for awhile for breakfast so I made some more of that peanut butter french toast. Between my two shifts I was able to leave for an hour and a half to get some food. I went home and made a little meal for myself! I first wilted spinach in a frying pan with some oil, and seasoned it a little with some sea salt. After taking it off the heat I mixed in some grated Parmesan cheese and put that mixture in a ramekin.
I then cracked an egg on top of the spinach.
And let that cook on a cooking sheet for 17 minutes in a 400 degree oven. This did cook it a little too much for my liking so I suggest at least 15 minutes. Then sprinkled it with a little more Parmesan and salt once it came out! I served it with a side of cantaloupe, that I cored while it was cooking, and some milk!
It is not the fastest egg recipe but it is worth the extra time! After work I was excited to spend some time with my friends who had finally returned from vacation!

Today it was another early shift at the old grind. I woke up and made waffles quick for my friend Carly, who slept over, and myself. Work was surprisingly slow this morning which was both good because I was exhausted but also a little disappointing. After work though I was anxious to get a workout in because I opted out of one yesterday. I went to our local track with two of my best friends and we all worked out. First we started off with a mile run and some stretching, dynamic of course! Then we went our separate ways and I did a circuit of 9 workouts (from Health magazine) then did another mile. I finished with close to 15 minutes of stairs. I was excited to incorporate this into my workout because I hadn't before and it was just a great workout! Here's me going...up...
...keeping moving constantly! I really did enjoy that! Then for dinner I didn't feel much like preparing a meal because after all that my friend Rose and I ended up walking another couple miles while chatting! Why not burn calories while you talk?!

For dinner I entered the organic isle! One of my favorite isles, not my wallet's though...and I decided on eggplant parmesan.
It was quite tasty! Now the goal is to make my own!! For dessert? I stayed in the organic isle and picked up a lactose free ice cream substitute...
The verdict? It was pretty good actually. My friend Carly and I both agreed that just the plain chocolate would probably taste a bit better because there werent any actual peanut butter chunks. You could add your own real peanut butter to the chocolate kind. Besides that it was good and filled me up faster than real ice cream. It is also fat free and did you read the label? The whole pint is only 150 calories! It may not be as sweet as ice cream but I'll take it for the calories and fat free aspect!

Does anyone else have any tasty, good for you treats you'd like to share? Please comment with your treats :)


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