This week marks the aerobic period of my training and boy was I moving during my workout today! After teaching class this morning I went straight to PF. If you're at all interested to know I have two jobs, one in the morning I teach gym class for little kids at daycare centers and most nights I waitress. Anyways so my workout! I did an hour on the bike. I started off with 10 minutes minutes on level 3 of the manual setting, then 20 minutes on level 6 on the manual setting, 5 minutes on level 8 on he alpine pass, 20 minutes level 6 on manual setting and 5 minutes on level 8 alpine setting. I dont think I've ever spent that long on a stationary bike! Then I finished with a ten minute jog on the treadmill wih a couple speed intervals and ab workouts. That was a great workout!

Before heading off to my next job I tuned into one of t new favorite talk shows, The Chew. Daphne Oz, Dr. Oz's daughter is the health guru on that show, and I have her book The Dorm Diet. Which is the book that really helped turn me to a healthy lifestyle so I HIGHLY recommend it to my fellow college students!

After a surprisingly busy night I work I came home to find my family eatin pork for instead I had an egg white omelette with mushrooms and a combination of cheddar cheese and mozzarella. It was tasty! Have I expressed my love of eggs yet?! If not well here is the first mention of many. Eggs are awesome. I love using them and they are a great source of protein for vegetarians!
I also enjoyed it with a cup of chocolate soy milk! After dinner I went on a late night grocery shopping trip with my mom. With each week I look forward to going grocery shopping with my mom. I enjoy it because I get to spend time with her, I get a say in the food I get to eat and sometimes I am lucky enough to teach my mom some things along the way! Grocery shoppin can be fun! The next time your mom asks if you'd like to go to the store with her, give it a try, you never know you might find yourself enjoying it!

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