Well I am officially back in West Chester and have completed my first week of classes! I really do love West Chester and was very excited to get back to school to see all my friends and get back into a routine.  The first week is always the easiest with it being syllabus week, but I was already put to work including writing a paper. I am blessed enough to be completely in love with my major and minor so the work, though a lot, isn't completely dreadful. 

I am really excited to go back to the Newman Center for church and to start up my bible study again.  The Newman Center and all the people there are like my second home.  I really miss it and everyone there when I am home. 

One of the great things about college is having these very separate semesters.  It provides us with a time to reflect on the last semester and decide how we want to grow and change.  This of course is accompanied by the new year's resolutions we all attempt to make and hold throughout the year.  This semester's goals for myself are to focus on schoolwork and get good grades, but at the same time allow myself to get out there a little and have fun, try some different things. 

This week I have so far stayed true to those goals.  I have gotten my schoolwork done while also hanging out with my friends, meeting and hanging out with some new people and trying some different things.  Though this week tends to be the exception to the rule compared to all the other weeks of the semester I hope to continue to keep these goals and mind and overall have a great semester!

What are your goalsI hope everyone else has a great semester too!