I'm currently snuggling up with my new issue of Health magazine while watching Iron Chef America! I did want to stop in quick and talk about one of my favorite newer workout tips...Pinterest!
While working out today with Rose she said something that made me both laugh and think, "you should get a medal or something for actually doing the workouts in pinterest and not just pinning them to pin them!". Think about it though. How many workouts have you pinned and have actually done?! I personally have a hard time doing the same workouts day after day, while sometimes having trouble with creating my own workouts. This is where Pinterest comes in quite handy. You can do the workouts exactly how they are layed out, modify them to your liking or even stagger workouts. Today I did a bit of a modification. I first found this workout that I want to incorporate more into my fitness regimen.
My modification was a half mile run, or two laps around the track, between each set. That gave me the cardio I crave. This was seriously a great workout! I was dripping by the end and I even got Rose to join in the last couple of sets.
Someone got my phone while I was doing my jumping jacks! Haha. I love my new under armour shorts too, I am sure you can all tell because my pictures make it look like they are all I workout in! I'll prove you wrong someday soon!!

Please share your favorite pinterest workouts. I always like trying different things! And follow me on Pinterest to see what workouts I'll be trying!

Now I am off to bed because my friend Emily and I are taking a mini road trip tomorrow for the day to visit our friend Steph! Here we come Steph, get ready!!!
Thunderstorms can be kind of relaxing...but not at 4:30 in the morning! The thunderstorm threw my sleeping off a little. I had the day off so it wasn't too big of an issue. When I did wake up though I was excited to try a recipe I'd been wanting to try for a while now...blueberry buckle. I got this recipe again from
Home Beccanomics! It was absolutely delicious. The texture was perfect and the blueberries were so good. And we ate it warm, making it even better!
This was the bottom layer of dough and blueberries!
The final product! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Later, once my blueberry belly was disgusted, I went on a bike ride then went for a swim. My swim workout today was:
4 x 50
3 x 100
3 x 150
2 x 50

After my workouts my mom and I enjoyed some time laying out by the pool. Then we went home to get ready to go out to dinner with two of my best friends, Nicole and Carly, to one of my favorite restaurants...Red lobster!!! They had their summer 4 course for $14.99 going on, so we just had to go! And for the cheesy biscuits of course!
The first course...New England Clam Chowder. One of my favorite soups.
The second course was a nice garden salad. I asked for the dressing on the side and thank goodness because they actually put the dressing on the salad. The third course was our entree. I got the garlic Alfredo shrimp and scallop pasta with tomatoes. It was so good! Needless to say I had to take most of it home though. Lunch tomorrow!
Then we finished with dessert. A melt in your mouth, warm brownie served with vanilla ice cream!
After dinner we were stuffed, to put it lightly! We spent the rest of the night hanging out and watching the gymnastics Olympic trials and Friends (one of our favorites!).

Happy Friday everyone!!
I have to admit that today was one of the more stressful days of work I have had. In the morning it was a challenge getting the kids to focus on me, with brand new playground equipment behind me, but I made it through! And tonight and at work, it was just full of craziness and mad people! But I made it through that too!

For my workout this morning after class I went along with one of my best friends Nicole. She has set workouts everyday for her upcoming field hockey season (she plays for Lebanon Valley College) and she loves having us tag along, even if we don't do the same workouts. We love going with her too. We all enjoy working out together! Today I did one of her running workouts around the track and this is what it looked like:
4 minutes running with some
dynamic movement
-10 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (5,10,
15 seconds)
-9 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (10, 20,
30 seconds)
-8 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (5, 10,
15 seconds)
-7 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (10, 20,
30 seconds)
-6 burpees
4 minutes running as hard as you
-5 burpees
It was hot out too making this workout pretty killer. And my legs were hurting from yesterday's workout. Then we finished with our usual gabbing by the creek and I went home to make my favorite granola bars! I got the recipe for these amazing bars from Becca Boyd's website homebeccanomics.com. These granola bars have granola, honey, peanut bitter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, rice krispies, craisons, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. Here is the end result! They look good and taste even better!
These will sit on my kitchen counter and be gone in a couple days. My family loves them too!

For lunch before work I wanted something a little different and "new". I am not sure I've mentioned how much I love eggs, but heres the first of many...I love eggs!!! Every kind of way, I love them! Today I poached a couple eggs, and put them on top of a toasted English muffin topped with spinach (a splash of olive oil), a slice of tomato and topped the egg off with some mozzarella cheese. It was deeee-lish!!
Look at that bite! The egg was the perfect amount of runny! It was great.

What is your favorite egg sandwich?! I'd love to hear, please share :)

I hope everyone has a egg-scelent Friday ;) yeah I went there!



Today was just another work, workout and work again type of day. Nothing too exciting went on today. Work wasn't even that bust tonight. I did however get a really good workout in today. I did a treadmill workout today. I started off with a 10 minute warmup, then followed that with a three mile run and finished with a 10 minute cool down. That was a pretty killer workout. For my three miles I upped my speed after each mile. After the treadmill I went over to one of the towers and focused on my arms. I did all different exercises. I started with low row, then did the interchangeable handles where I did triceps, biceps and shoulder exercises.

Boy was I exhausted after that workout! I even got so caught up in it that I didn't leave enough time to go grocery shopping with my mom before work :( I still have her what was on my list though!

Before work I needed something that was going to hold me over for awhile because I was closing. For my meal I had vegetarian riblets, green peppers with lite ranch dressing and blueberry Greek yogurt! It did keep me quite full and it was a meal full of all different tastes which was nice.
Tomorrow I plan on making one of my favorite newer recipes...granola bars! They are so tasty and my family loves them too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. Get ready for a scorcher tomorrow!
Yesterday and today have been a couple of nice days off from work. Not from school work though! Yesterday I worked out with my mom and then went to the pool to get a swim workout it.

My mom hasn't been able to run for her exercise for a long time now due to back issues, but she has a goal that she wants to finish my triathlon with me and run the 5k! She started her training the other week and I had time yesterday so I decided to join her on her workout. We started off with 20 minutes of running 2 minutes walking 2 minutes then finished with a 30 minute walk. Her walks can really give me a workout because she is 5'9" while I am 5'3". Needless to say to my legs are a lot shorter than hers!

After her workout we went for my workout! It wasn't super nice out yesterday which meant I got the pool to myself! I did get in a real swim workout though which was cool. This is what it looked like:
1 x 200
4 x 50
2 x 200
3 x 100
1 x 100
1 x 200
For a total of 1400 yards! After that I treated myself to one of their yummy fruit salads.

I made dinner too last night! It was probably one of my favorite meals I've made to date. Eggplant crepes!!
It was eggplants sliced thin and rolled with a spinach, ricotta and parmesan filling, backed then topped with Swiss cheese and served on top of a tomato basil sauce! It was soooo good! Comment if you'd like the full recipe!
Today it has actually been a little on the chilly side so for my workout I did a 5k looped I have mapped out, around my house. I set a goal that I wanted to complete it in under 30 minutes and that goal pushed me my whole run and I did it! After my run I came home and did P90X Core Synergistics! It kicked my butt...and I loved it!

I have a recipe for spinach gnocchi and I wanted to make them today because they have a lot of the same ingredients as the eggplant crepes, so I had leftovers. This was the first fail of the summer! The final step was taking the frozen gnocchis and boiling them. When I put them in the boiling water they automatically fell apart. I tried freezing the gnocchis for longer. I tried putting the gnocchis in while the water boiled but nothing worked! I was so dissappointed cause the picture looked so good! See?
Ah well...you win some you lose some, right? Looks like my mom will just be picking something up from the store tonight.

What have been some of your recipe disasters?!
I survived the crazy work weekend!! Yesterday I worked my first ever double and boy was that rough on my feet, but besides that, I think I managed pretty well! I even had a customer compliment me to my manager, which was pretty cool! I knew I needed something to hold me over for awhile for breakfast so I made some more of that peanut butter french toast. Between my two shifts I was able to leave for an hour and a half to get some food. I went home and made a little meal for myself! I first wilted spinach in a frying pan with some oil, and seasoned it a little with some sea salt. After taking it off the heat I mixed in some grated Parmesan cheese and put that mixture in a ramekin.
I then cracked an egg on top of the spinach.
And let that cook on a cooking sheet for 17 minutes in a 400 degree oven. This did cook it a little too much for my liking so I suggest at least 15 minutes. Then sprinkled it with a little more Parmesan and salt once it came out! I served it with a side of cantaloupe, that I cored while it was cooking, and some milk!
It is not the fastest egg recipe but it is worth the extra time! After work I was excited to spend some time with my friends who had finally returned from vacation!

Today it was another early shift at the old grind. I woke up and made waffles quick for my friend Carly, who slept over, and myself. Work was surprisingly slow this morning which was both good because I was exhausted but also a little disappointing. After work though I was anxious to get a workout in because I opted out of one yesterday. I went to our local track with two of my best friends and we all worked out. First we started off with a mile run and some stretching, dynamic of course! Then we went our separate ways and I did a circuit of 9 workouts (from Health magazine) then did another mile. I finished with close to 15 minutes of stairs. I was excited to incorporate this into my workout because I hadn't before and it was just a great workout! Here's me going...up...
...keeping moving constantly! I really did enjoy that! Then for dinner I didn't feel much like preparing a meal because after all that my friend Rose and I ended up walking another couple miles while chatting! Why not burn calories while you talk?!

For dinner I entered the organic isle! One of my favorite isles, not my wallet's though...and I decided on eggplant parmesan.
It was quite tasty! Now the goal is to make my own!! For dessert? I stayed in the organic isle and picked up a lactose free ice cream substitute...
The verdict? It was pretty good actually. My friend Carly and I both agreed that just the plain chocolate would probably taste a bit better because there werent any actual peanut butter chunks. You could add your own real peanut butter to the chocolate kind. Besides that it was good and filled me up faster than real ice cream. It is also fat free and did you read the label? The whole pint is only 150 calories! It may not be as sweet as ice cream but I'll take it for the calories and fat free aspect!

Does anyone else have any tasty, good for you treats you'd like to share? Please comment with your treats :)
What a long day! I started early with morning at job number one, waitressing, then went straight to job number two, to teach a couple classes. After that was all said and done I was pretty tired. I really wanted to get a swim workout in though. I went to my country club and did a swim workout. I did a progression of laps, adding 2 more to each set going up to 12, then regressing back down to 2. I should tell you my "laps" is 1 is up and 2 is back! Not sure how laps are defined by a true swimmer. After my swim though I took some time to relax by the pool, with the current issue of fitness magazine!
For dinner I got a yummy fruit salad that had pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew. I used to work at the snack bar at this pool actually and I didn't really get why we put the bed of greens beneath the fruit and served it with raspberry vinegaret. Now it get it!! It was so good! Oh and it was topped off with a delicious cinnamon bread. Definitely a great dinner after a nice swim.
Now I'm snuggling in with my two pups to finally watch The Descendants.
Enjoy your night everyone!
If any of you are from the Central PA area then you know what Jubilee Day is. It is the biggest one day street fair on the east coast. I am lucky enough to have it held right in my hometown! Though I may not appreciate it as much as others, because I've grown up with it, but it is still pretty cool to have this big event in our town! Jubilee day is filled with all types of food so I have to admit I splurged a little. I was lucky enough to go with one of my best friends Tyler, who I hadn't seen in awhile. It was another scorcher so we first started off with some small strawberry smoothies. Then we were pretty lame because we actually went to our local town diner for lunch in the AC! Haha. We did have a pretty healthy lunch there with egg white omletes with spinach, tomato and cheese! They were very yummy! For dessert? Back out to Jubilee Day to chow down in some pumpkin funnel cake! The person who came up with this dessert is an evil genius!! I'm so mad I forgot to take pictures! I'm still new to whole blogging thing... After that I was stuffed and just could not swing my workout in before work.

However after work I did shoot over to PF for a 25 minute treadmill run with speed intervals and 20 on the stepper finished off with some abs. I now remember why I prefer working out in the morning...because I like to go on a little binging fest when I get home and it is just way to late for that! One of my slip ups tonight which Ill have you know, was delicious was blueberry bread that I put some butter on and fried it on my frying plan. Quite tasty...unfortunately! Haha.
I must go because I have got a longggg weekend of work starting tomorrow morning and not really stopping much until Sunday afternoon. Hopefully I'll get my workouts in Friday and Saturday and be able to blog! If not happy first true summer weekend all :)
Oh boy it is hot out! I'm not sure what possessed me to, but I took on the eat today. After my class this morning I came home for my workout. I rode my bike to my high school which is a little over 3 miles from my house, there I went to the track and did some running. I first did a mile, going as hard as I could, because I knew the heat was gonna get me soon enough. Then I took a couple of minutes to do some jumping jacks, squats bringing my elbows to the opposite knee and crunches. Then I went for mile two and three. I finished my time at the track with some pushups, more squats and some lunges. Then it was back home for me! Needless to say when I got home I was so hot and I worked up quite the appetite. I had a yummy and healthy lunch! My whole lunch ended up being under 350 calories and I was really full afterwards. I had a veggie burger on a whole wheat bun, with a cup of watermelon and a mini babybel wheel. I worked six and a half hours tonight and it kept me held over u til the end of my shift for the most part
After a long shift I came home and needed something quick for dinner! Tonight I had Cascadian Farm Vegetable Medley with potatoes, snap peas and peppers. It was delish!! I haven't until recently discovered Cascadian Farm brand but I am quickly taking a liking to it. It is an organic brand too which means it is a little more expensive. Our health should be an investment though, so spending a little more on the good stuff is worth it if you can swing it!!
Stay cool everyone! It's supposed to be another hot one tomorrow!
One of the downsides of my gym teaching job is the long commute to a couple of my classes. This time though is a great time to spend with God. Ever think about spending your car rides with God? If you're busy like I am sometimes I find myself putting God on the back burner with no real excuse except for being "busy". But God is never too busy for us and He has to listen to millions of people all the time! This morning I took the tiime on my drive to class and switched on Word FM, a great Christian radio station. Just a thirty minute ride to work and a little uplifting from the radio people got my spirits up! With that I will leave you with the bible verse they just left me with...

You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galathians 3: 26-28

What a great verse! Ponder on this one for the day! God bless all!