Okay so I clearly have not had time to post due to all the traveling, working and studying that has been consuming my life the past few days. I decided I am going to give you a bullet point tour of our trip to Niagara Falls! I first have to say I had the most amazing time and was so glad to share it with my best friends.

Day One:
  • Early start for us at 5 am
  • Around 10 we stopped in Wayland, NY for breakfast at Jim's Family Restaurant
  • I had the vegetarian omelet which came with homefries and a biscuit...Yum!
  • We arrived at our campsite to our little camper. I really loved it!
  • Then it was off to hike at Devil's Hole and Whirlpool...absolutely gorgeous. These pictures do the place justice!
  • Dinner time at Tin Pan Alley...had some guac and my new favorite salad. Their Tin Pan Salad which had a bed of sweet potato friends topped with spinach, blue cheese and Monterrey cheese, onions, cucumbers and hard boiled eggs. 
  • Finally we finished the night going to see the falls lighten up and enjoy fireworks over the falls!
Day Two: 
  • Saturday was mainly spent at the falls. We did all the touristy things...we road Maid of the Mist (the boat), did Cave of the Winds, watched the corny Niagara Falls movie and even went to an aquarium and discovery center. 
  • We ended our night finding our way across the border in Canada!
  • We went to a restaurant called Kelsey's for dinner. I had my first legal drink! A raspberry margarita!
  • I had a veggie burger and the house salad for dinner.  Another good veggie burger for the books!
  • We ended our visit to Canada with a little surprise parking ticket on my car! If you see ATM like machines down from your car...it's a meter so you should probably pay!
  • When we got back to our camper Nicole and I did a cardio/strength pinterest workout.  We did three sets of the workout with a half mile run in between set two and three. 
Day Three:
  • Sadly it was time to leave our cute camper and head back to reality.  
  • We stopped at the welcome center coming into PA for lunch.  It was surrounded by a beautiful scenic view!
  • When I came home for dinner my mom got the makings for my new favorite salad! I told her about it and she really wanted to try it.  It was a success!
  • It was back to reality rushing to finish a stats homework due last night.  
  • Bright and early it was off to work. 
  • I came home and got in a nice five mile run. 
  • My mom and I went shopping for some dorm things. Yay shelving!
  • I just finished with a night filled with statistic studying.  I will NOT miss this class!!

Now I am off to watch the Olympics! 
I am excited to report that I am FINALLY blogging from my laptop. I have been having wifi trouble with my laptop and one of my good friends, Tyler, had his mom work on it. She fixed it! We finally go our home wifi connection fixed! This would have been nice when I had more than a week and a half left of my online  class but what can you do?

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy for me.  I am going away for a long weekend, I have a lot more hours at work, stats class and training/working out! I am going to try and post but they will probably be short.  Short is probably better though!

Yesterday I went on an hour bike ride and finished with about a 2 mile run.  It was a hot one and the run I was moving pretty slow.  At least it sure felt like it.  I kind of felt like I was about to pass out, which brought my attention to how much I need to stay hydrated. I usually do a really good job at staying hydrated, but I must not be doing as well as I thought.  Then it was a night spent at work. 

Today I worked out with Nicole.  It was a pretty hot one so our distance wasn't the longest.  However we did sprints which requires more energy exertion. We did 3 sets of this workout:
  • Half mile, sprinting the lengths and jogging the widths
  • 10 push-ups
  • 20 squats
  • 30 crunches
Then we did two sets of three 200 meter sprints.  I am not a sprinter, except when it game to running around the bases so this workout was a challenge.  I may not have gotten great times, but I gave it my all and embraced the challenge. 

I got called into work early so it was home for a quick lunch.  I had a frozen health choice meal.  It was so yummy! And it made my kitchen smell really good.  I accompanied it with a glass of almond milk and a doughnut peach! Has anyone ever had a doughnut peach? It was quite tasty!

Tomorrow it is another long day of work, working out and getting ready for Niagara Falls! I am so excited to get away! 
The countdown to race day continues with a little less than three full weeks left. Everyday I feel a different emotion about it, but excitement is always one of the them.

This morning I started off my day graced by the lovely faces of some of my students. New students too so that is always exciting and difficult. Difficult because you need to show your position as the adult who is in charge.

After class it was off for a nice 40 minute run. Later my friend Rose and I planned on swimming. Unfortunately the second we pulled into the parking lot the thunder and lightning siren went off. We headed back home to do some cooking! Rose had been asking to cook together so we went with my mom to our local farm to get some fresh produce. Their fruits and vegetables are the best! We had planned on making a brown rice recipe with asparagus and tomato. They did not have asparagus so we did some revamping of our own. We used green beans and green pepper! It was a good choice!
It was combined with some olive oil, lemon juice, chives, dil and salt and pepper. Then we added in the brown rice.
Rose was very excited about our successful dish!
This was a great dish too because it would taste great warm and cool.

After dinner my mom and I went to Target to get some school shopping done! It got me even more excited to go back to school. I love my friends and family here more than anything but I am starting to get the itch to get back. Anyone else at that point?

Nicole, Rose, Carly, Ashley and I are embarking on an exciting trip to Niagra Falls this weekend. We ended our night together finalizing plans for the trip! I am so very excited to get away. Especially to somewhere new and different. Have you ever been to niagra falls? Anywhere else around there we should go?!
"We may stumble, we may fall, but we move!" Said by Tony, the P90X instructor/creator. This morning I did the P90X Plyometrics DVD and Tony I inspired me with this quote. I literally could not stop thinking about it all day. Not only is it such a great motto for working out, but for life to. No matter what as long as you are trying that is all that matters.

A side note about the actual workout...I was a little nervous because I thought it was going to be laden with mountain climbers and lunges. It was not however it was chalk full of squats. Which for some crazy reason are my favorite plyometric move! My shirt was drenched by the end of the one hour video and I felt very accomplished and proud of myself. I'll definitely be using that video again.

I knew I was going to need some protein after that workout so I referenced my favorite blog, Peanut Butter Fingers, for a Peanut Butter Pancake recipe. It was so good! This is what I did.

-3/4 flour
-3 tablespoons brown sugar
-1 teapspoon baking soda
-2 tablespoons of peanut butter, put in microwave first
- 3/4 cup milk
-1 egg

Mix everything together to get something like this...
Then put it on the griddle!
Top with some powdered sugar and syrup!
I'll be the first to admit I am not a huge pancake fan. I prefer waffles most days. When I saw peanut butter pancakes though I just had to try! The peanut butter was not over powering and the pancakes were light. They were not very thick but I was okay with that. For some reason one pancake was more peanut buttery than the other, which was a nice surprise! All-in-all I will be adding it my recipe collection!

After a surprisingly steady Saturday night at work I whipped up some poaches eggs to put on top of a whole grain English muffin with spinach and tomato. Look at this the perfect bite!
I did something a little different and sprinkled some garlic salt on top of the eggs. I originally only had it on one in case I didn't really like it, but ended up adding it on top of the other one too. You don't need to add much, just a little sprinkle works really well.

I ended the night FINALLY seeing my best friend! She arrived home from France on Wednesday and I've been so busy with work and everything that we just couldn't see each other. It was great to be able to just hang out again! Tomorrow is another long day ahead of work, working out and doing stats. The Bachelorette finale is tomorrow too! My money is on Jeff. Who do you think will win?!
Today was an awesome day! I went to West Chester to meet with Monica, my roommate this past year and one of my best friends! We met at school because it's halfway between out houses. Then we went to KOP (King of Prussia), a huge mall. Like overwhelmingly huge. Needless to say we both spent lots of money but we both got a bunch of great stuff! I don't have much to go out in at school so I got some dresses and skirts for that. I'm ready to hit the town! H & M was probably my favorite store today. Great prices and great clothes. You can't beat that!

After a long day of shopping we both were exciting to eat at...

It was both our first times there we both loved it! It was so fancy looking inside and though the prices were a little steep it was totally worth it. Monica started off with a crab artichoke dip, that she so kindly shared with me! For her entree she had chicken tacos that looked delish!
I got the herb crusted salmon. It was a huge portion and it came with asparagus and my favorite REAL mashed potatoes.
Finally Monica finished with a cappuccino and I just had to have a piece of cheesecake. I mean come on! I had the Hershey's Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake. It was amazing! Probably one of the best desserts I've ever had!

I also wanted to point out the thickness of the menu...20 pages to be exact!
After a crumcious dinner and a drive back to my car it was time to part ways. I'm glad to have Monica as such a great friend and first roommate! I was sad to say goodbye again, but hopefully I'll see her before school again.

Now I am back home, after taking on the torrential downpour on the turnpike, and am with my girls finishing off the night with some good old Gilmore Girls!

What's your favorite show to watch with your girlfriends?!
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. And I love it even more because I can eat it for any meal! Tonifht was one of those breakfast for dinner nights. A peanut butter French toast night to be exact!

It was another hot one out today. Nicole and I went to workout, outside, at high noon. Maybe not our brightest idea. We did however get a decent workout in. We first started with some tired flipping!
Finally Nicole makes an appearance!
We did mostly flipping the tire together however. Which was still a great workout. Then we finished up with running hills.

After hills it was back home to get ready for work. I had a refreshing salad of romain lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions topped with vegetarian chicken strips and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. It really hit the spot after being out in the heat. And it kept me full for most of my shift!
I've got an early morning tomorrow for class then it is off to West Chester to meet up with my roommate for the day! KOP here we come! Oh and praise God for Ellen, my best friend's, safe arrival home from France!!
So much for sleeping in today. I was up at 9 ready to go. I was off for a long bike ride. I set out for an hour and a half bike ride, and I did just that. I was on a biking high going all over town. After cooling down for a bit I did a 30 day ab challenge I found on Pinterest! It was a workout and I think I would like to try it for thirty days to see how I feel. Especially now that I am headed to the beach in the beginning of August.

For lunch I made a batch of Cucumber Yogurt Pitas. Overall I really liked the meal and it left me full, but I have realized I am not a big fan of cilantro.

This is what went down to make these Pitas. First I thinly sliced about 1 1/2 cup of cucumber.
Then I thinly sliced up a heaping 1/4 cup of carrots.
Then I added canned chick peas. Tip for you...wash any type of beans you get from a can before using them. Rinsing them off will reduce the sodium by about 35%! That is a bi different.
Lastly I added a can of artichoke hearts. I have to say I am not sure how I feel about these yet. But they seemed okay in this.
The yogurt coating was combining 1 cup yogurt, 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 tablespoon cilantro and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
Then you mix it all together!
Then stuff a half of a pita...
I served it with these yummy, actually not too bad for you, chips. They are even in the organic isle!
And I also had a bowl of pineapple, raspberries and blackberries!!
What a good lunch!!
After a kind of short shift at work I went out to dinner with my parents, to T.J. Rockwells. I would say this has to be one of my favorite restaurants. Tonight, as usual, they did not disappoint. I had tilapia and shrimp topped with a mango salsa on top of a rice pilaf with brocolini. Has everyone ever had this vegetable? It was like a cross between asparagus and brocoli. I really like it!
I hope everyone is having a good week and that your days are filled with faith, fitness and food!
It was another long day for me. One thing is for sure, I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

I woke up early before I went to babysit to workout. I decided it was a video, stay and play kind of day, Jillian Michaela style. My favorite!! I started with an older video, Thirty Day Shred, and did level 2. What I love about her workouts the most is the circuit training sets she does. Her favorite videos of mine have a 3,2,1 system. That is 3 minutes strength training, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute of abs. It works everything and that's what I love. Then I finished with her newer abs video. I did level 2 of that as well. I was dripping and tired after that. Lunges are one of my least favorite of what I like to call "neccessary evils" and today I did more than I liked. I am feeling too.

After working out it was off to babysit for the day. I always enjoy babysitting theses kids so we had a good time. The boys and I got into a little fight...
Silly string fight that is! Then we went out to lunch.

My brother had a baseball game at our high school field and I decided it would be fun to run to his game. Well it was a good idea, minus the fact that I didn't allow myself enough time for my lunch to digest. My stomach felt awful the whole time and I felt so heavy. I did however make it to the field and I didn't stop to rest or walk! An accomplishment? I'd like to think so. Oh and my brother's team won!

I just finished watching the Bachelorette: the Men Tell All. Out of the two left I kind of think she might pick Jeff, but I still she missed the boat on Sean. He's perfect!
Look at him, he is just too cute! Ah well I am off for a long night of rest!
It was that kind of day and night after work...a stats kind of a night. Thank goodness I get to go through this class along side one of my best friends Nicole. After, a couple of hours a work we went for a late night lifting session at PF. It wasn't anything too hardcore but enough for my already exhausted body from the last two days of work. We did lunges, squats, bicep curls, shoulder press, and tricep extensions.

Unfortunately nothing too exciting went on today besides stats, which isn't very exciting. Its going to be another pretty early day tomorrow because I am babysitting for the day and I want to get up and run early!

Hope everyone's weekend went well and celebrated National Ice Cream Day! My friend Steph is a huge ice cream lover and her Facebook status informed me of the holiday!
Wow was today a long day! I worked a double today, the first starting at 6:30...A.M.!! Let's just talked about yesterday first.

In the morning I went to Messiah (college) to run. It is perfectly located to incorporate hills into my run, which I now know I need to do. I got in a nice 50 minute run. The weather was perfect for running!

After my run and before work I was just hanging out ya know, making some popsicles. Isn't that what you do when you hang out? These Popsicles were essentially fruit smoothies frozen in Popsicle molds. The first layer had blueberries, blackberries, blueberry yogurt and crushed ice.
The middle layer consisted of vanilla yogurt, sugar and ice.
The final layer has strawberries, raspberries, strawberry yogurt and crushed ice!
Look how pretty they are!
Before it was work time I whipped together a quick and easy favorite. An eggs sandwich. I had it with a side of raspberries.
When I came home my mom had made a crave worthy pizza. She made the whole wheat crust we found a recipe for and topped it with tomatoes, spinach, mozarella, garlic and olive oil! Sounds good right? I never got the point of white pizzas until recently, but it's so good!
I don't want to bore you with work talk so I'll just let you know what I ate today...After part one of the double shift I quick ran home for lunch. I popped this little ditty in the microwave and it was so good and quite filling.
Then after part two I ended up going out to dinner with my parents. We went to The Caddy Shack. We started sharing some Crabby Fries, which are basically fries with old bay. I am not a huge fry fan but these were different and I enjoyed the spice to them.
For my entree..I had a veggie burger. I am hesitant to try these sometimes because they could go wrong so easily. This "burger" had nothing wrong with it! It came with chipotle ranch on the side too which I am normally not a fan of but I actually really liked it.
Finally we ended up at Bamboo, a frozen yogurt bar. I got Salted chocolate covered pretzel and peanut butter cookie yogurt, with various toppings. I am now about to explode.
For those of you who live around me, Bamboo has now taken the crown from
Sweet Frog as the best around frozen yogurt place. Bamboo still has tough competition in West Chester...none other than Kiwi!!

Which one do you think is better...Seeet Frog or Bamboo?!
OR, where is your favorite frozen yourt hang?