I survived the first day of Sophomore year! I only have two classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but so far so good.  My professors seem awesome and the classes seem interesting.  My lit class one of the assignments is to watch the Hunger Games, enough said.

It was an early morning for me because Jenna and I had to go and get an Anatomy tutor.  We were in line at 7:10 for the center to open at 8. We got our tutors and started off the day getting some bagels from our favorite on campus breakfast stop, Einstein's Bagels!
I got a whole-grain bagel thin with egg whites, asparagus, mushrooms and swiss cheese, with a tomato pesto sauce.  It was so yummy! Really got me off to a good start. 
After breakfast it was off to my first class of the day...Anatomy and Physiology.
Ready for my first day!!

My Anatomy professor seems super nice and personable and he's Australian! Then my Literature professor's name is Merry Perry! What a funny and cool name right?!

After class it was off to lunch. I had Manhattan Clam Chowder and a salad. It really hit the spot.  Then I had a couple of hours to print stuff off for my classes tomorrow.  At three I had lab for my Anatomy class. I am excited for this lab because it is actually going to relate to the lecture portion and my lab professor seems really nice.

You know I had to get a workout in.  The new Rec Center isn't opening until tomorrow, which means I wasn't able to lift.  I improvised and did my own workout.  I went and did a sprinting interval workout on the treadmill. 
Treadmill interval workout:
0:00-5:00 minutes    5.0 (jogging)
5:00-20:00 minutes    8.0 (sprint) for 45 seconds
                                5.0 (jogging) for 30 seconds
20:00-25:00 minutes    Cool Down
Then I came back to my room and did a workout in our hallway...it looked like this:
-10 Front Lunges
-10 Backward Lunges
-10 Squats
-10 Snake
-20 Squats
-20 Mountain Climbers
-5 Burpees
Right Leg/Butt Exercises:
-10 Straight Leg Raise Halfway
-10 Straight Leg Raise Halfway to Highest Point
-10 Straight Leg Complete Raise
-10 Curling Lower Leg to Butt
-10 Thigh Straight With Leg Bent Pulses
-10 Leg Crunch In to Extension
-10 Fire Hydrant
(Keep leg flexed as much as you can)
-50 Jumping Jacks
Left Leg/Butt Exercises (all the same of the above)
-20 Scissors
-20 Bicycles
-20 Squats

Hopefully on a rainy day I will be able to get pics up of some of these exercises.  The snack though is a cool exercise. You start bent over and walk your arms out into a pushup position, do a pushup and then walk your legs back to your hands. Then repeat! It works the whole body!

After working out it was time for dinner, and we went to the diner for dinner.  I got a cheese quesedilla. Yumm! I love me some salsa! Now it's Bachelor Pad time!! I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of school!!
Another year is here again. I can not believe I am back already.  The summer has felt so long, yet so short. Doesn't summer always seem too short though? I am glad to be back here in West Chester. I've got some exciting things happening for me this year. I am blessed to be coming back to school with so many wonderful friends.  Having my friends, my dorm and my clubs and activities I have really help make me feel at home here.

This morning started off with one of my favorite breakfasts...my dad's french toast!!
Yummmm! I ate the whole plate ;)

Then after goodbyes my mom and I were off to West Chester.  We had to stop for Starbucks of course! I got my fav...a skinny white mocha with soymilk!

Once we got to school I had to get my new ID card and my parking permit. Then it was off to my suite! Yes, I said suite. I am living in a suite with five other girls. We have three bedrooms, side-by-side, sharing a large hallway and two bathrooms.  We got to my dorm room around 11:30 and camped out in my room until about 3:30.  Can I tell you how much I love my mommy! She got me so organized and I was able to fit almost all of my belongings.  I did over pack a tad, so it was no surprise I had to send some clothes home. After our hardwork, we went to Pita Pit for a yummy late lunch.

I was excited to see all the vegetarian pitas they had, but I just had to try a breakfast pita. It was filled with egg, spinach, hashbrowns, tomato, onion and green pepper. It was the perfect lunch after a long first tiring half of the day.
Then it was back home for me, and back home for my mom.  I was sad to see her go, but I know she's always a phone call, text or hour and a half drive away.  I had to finish organizing my stuff and catch up with my girls! Here's a look at my side of the room!!
This is my side!!! I just love it!
Here's the closet. I think we organized it pretty well.  I'm pretty proud too about how we fit everything. This closet is smaller than mine from last year, AND significantly smaller than my two at home. 
And here's my desk. I thought it was a good idea to have it against the wall. I can't see the TV from it and it seems like it's a good idea to keep me away from distractions.  I am still not sure about having it beside my bed, but I will deal. And don't you just love Finn right beside my bed?!
I am in love with my new comforter!!! And the shelving is a new addition since last year. Hopefully I don't bonk my head when I wake up. I tested it though and it seemed perfect!
Last pic! I just wanted to show off my new pictures. Both of those picture boards were made for me. One was made my friend Carly and was made by Monica (one of my suitemates and former roomie!)! I envy people that are so creative!

We all finished off the night making a Walmart run, then heading to TGI Fridays for dinner, Emma's mom's treat! I enjoyed a Southwest Wedge Salad. It was spicy, but I really enjoyed it!

Erica, my roommate, said I could blog her side tomorrow! We are in the middle of working on a quote wall, so I am going to supervise and I will blog later!!
Well it is that time of year again...school time. This last week has been nothing short of hectic. From losing my license and student ID, to going to all my appointments, I am just ready to get settled into my dorm.

Yesterday I went to get a new license and it ended up working out that I could just renew my license. My GPS however kept trying to drive me into the river on my way to the DMV. I get flustered with directions enough so of course that had to happen. I was excited to cap my day off with some of my best friends, still in town, for dinner. We went to one of my hometown favs, TJ Rockwells. I had the fish tacos and they were so yummy! They really hit the spot after a long day.
When I got home I made a batch of my "famous" cookies to bring to share with my roomies!
Today was the least stressful day of the week. I started of the day with shoulders and abs of the LiveFit programs and a 5 mile run. I wasn't moving the fastest but I did it! My day just pretty much consisted of my getting stuff together and just hanging out. For lunch I made Parmesan baked tomatoes. I started with tomatoes topped with grated Parmesan, oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil.
I popped then in the oven at 450 for 10 minutes. While they were baking I boiled some water to poach some eggs. I thought a poached egg would be a perfect topped to the tomatoes since I didn't feel much like making a sandwich.
Those tomatoes were sizzzzzling!!
I just love poaching eggs! It is my new favorite egg cooking method!

Once my mom got home it was one last errand before school...glasses shopping. The ones I picked out are so different! I can't wait to get them and I'll post a pic of me in them when I get them.

After that it was off to my brothers football scrimmage. I spent the game on the sidelines with my high school's athletic trainer. I miss being a student athletic trainer with him and at my high school. But I'm going to school to make it my career and I am so excited to continue on this journey!

Then it was back home for my last meal of the week. I made a Lime Cilantro Shrimp Salad. It got a thumbs up from the rents, and I quite enjoyed it myself!
Who doesn't like a meal with shrimp, avocado and tomato?!

I just finished the last of my packing and I am finally admitting to having a problem. I have an overpacking problem! I've already made one trip of stuff so far. I know I will not have enough room. I also never thought I'd ever say I have too many clothes, as a bad thing! I have a feeling my mom will end up with a bunch of stuff going back with her. I guess I'd rather have more and send them back than just totally forget something.

I'm off to bed. Early morning tomorrow starting with my dad's amazing French toast!! Then it is off to West Chester to move in with my girls! I'll post pictures tomorrow of my new room :)
Today was one of those days. Nothing was really going my way. And to top it off
I lost my wristlet that has my license and student ID. I've torn apart my house and it is no where to be found! Besides wasting most of my day looking for that, I was running around getting stuff done before I go to school. I printed out pictures for my room, got new running sneakers and jeans, got my favorite trail mix and went to the eye doctor. My eyes were dilated while I was shopping! Not my best idea...

This morning for my workout I decided to split my four days of lifting up and did P90X kick boxing! Love doing that to start off my day! I enjoyed one of my stuffed peppers for lunch. It was just as good leftover!

For dinner I made sea scallops! I have to say this was probably my favorite or at least in the top three, meals I have made! I served it with cannellini beans, spinach and red onion cooked in garlic. It was my first time cooking sea scallops and I have to say I cooked them pretty well. They weren't over cooked or under cooked and have the perfect amount of crunch on the outside!
To top of my day, I got two emails already from professors! School is so close! I am so ready for it to start and so not ready. I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about! Tomorrow I believe I'll be making a trip to the DMV...oh joy! Is it bad that I am most upset about having to get a new vera?!
I am so glad I took this week off from work.  I've been running errands and going to appointments, working out and relaxing before the hard work kicks in. Also, it's given me time to get back in to doing some cooking! With my work schedule lately I haven't had much time to cook or go shopping with my mom.  Luckily enough I was able to go shopping with my mom and plan a couple of meals.

Last night my new favorite salad, from Niagara Falls, was what I had planned for dinner. It was as good as I remember with my own little twists and my dad even loved it! He's a good sport when it comes to my cooking, but I try a cook on the healthier side and for him that means blander taste. I love him for trying though!

My salad had a bed of sweet potato fries, topped with spinach, hardboiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, monterrey jack cheese and bleu cheese. 

Yesterday I did the chest and triceps of the LiveFit Program, then capped off my workout with a 30 minute stint on the stepper. And then I spent the rest of the day taking my little brother school supplies shopping and just hanging out at home.  I have to say school supplies shopping remains being one of my favorite things to do! I don't know why, but I just love getting new notebooks and pens and planners. Is anyone else like this?!

Today I started the morning off early traveling from appointment, to appointment, to appointment.  Finally after I was done with appointments, it was off to workout.  I did back and biceps today then finished with an interval workout on the treadmill.  So much for no cardio right?

This is what my interval looked like:
                0-5 minutes        4.5   
                5-10 minutes      5.5
                10-20 minutes    6.5
                20-35 minutes    7.5 for 2 minutes
                                        6.0 for 1 minute
                35-40 minutes    Cool Down
I was sweating after this!

I had been looking for a vegetarian stuffed pepper recipe.  Tonight I was able put one to the test and it was really good! The filling was quinoa, onions, tomatoes, black beans and cilantro, and was baked in enchilada sauce which I then topped them with. My mom and I both really liked them. I'll probably have leftovers for lunch and my mom is even taking some in for lunch tomorrow. I love finding ways to use quinoa too. It really fills me up with all that protein!
The ingredients!
The filling. I could've just eaten it like this!
Colorful peppers!
Post-oven and ready for my belly! Anyone else have a favorite stuffed pepper recipe?! Sharing is caring :)

Now I'm finishing off the night with some Sex and the City!
Well triathlon training is now officially over and I am anxious to embark on a new exercise regimen.  Being an athlete most of my life I appreciate having a schedule.  Now that I am out of organized and school sports I am looking for different programs that I can do.  When searching for a new program I wanted to find a program that focused on getting me toned.  With that I found the LiveFit 12 week program through bodybuilding.com. I am following this program without following the diet plan.  

I have started Phase 1 which is the first 4 weeks.  The first four weeks is focused on isolating the muscles.  It is instructed that there should not be any cardio the first four weeks.  Well in reality this is just impossible for me. Especially since I have not been eating amazingly this past week, and since I am not following the diet plan either.  The four days I have done lifting this week I haven't done too much cardio though.  Just an additional 15-30 minutes on the elliptical, stepper or going on a run. 

The first two weeks of phase four is only four days of weight training then three days off.  I completely agree with having a rest day, but three rest days is just too much.  This morning the power went out and I was actually planning on doing a P90X video.  I am glad the power went out though because I actually planned my out cardio blast workout! I was surprised how sore my legs still were from doing my legs two days ago.  But I felt really good after and proud for pushing through! This workout took me about 50 minutes to complete and for my run portion I did a lap around my house that is about .7 miles per lap. 

File Size: 97 kb
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I put the workout in an attached publisher document.  If it does not work comment and let me know! If it does work comment and let me know if you try it out!!
I can finally say I am a triathlete! Saturday was an early morning and I started it off waking up at 2 a.m. for a protein shake.  It was actually a really good idea so I could get the food out of my system before my race. 
Then I went back to sleep.  I was anxiously tossing and turning all night but after my shake I was able to get a solid three hours of sleep in before I woke up at 5:30 to get ready. I had my backpack all ready the night before and here is my race day checklist:
  • running shorts
  • biking shorts
  • bathing suit
  • razor back running shirt
  • goggles
  • stop watch
  • socks
  • cross-trainers
  • sunglasses 
  • gatorade
  • water
  • helmet
  • bike
  • I was lucky enough to be in the first heat so I got there bright and early around 6:30. After registration I went to set up my transition area. 
Good old number 5!
Before it was time to get in the pool my friends came to show their support! They're the best :)
Then it was officially time to swim! The swim portion I was most nervous about because I am just not a swimmer, but I actually ended up doing a lot better than I thought I would do. 
Once I was done with swimming it was out of the pool, off to the transition area to get ready for my bike portion. I have to say this is the section where I disappointed myself the most.  I was proud of my training, but I was shocked at how good all the other bikers were.  You learn from every experience and if I did another triathlon I would learn better how to use my gears on the bike...I didn't shift at all.
After biking it was time for the last leg, the run! I mentioned before that my mom was training to run the 5k with me. When I got off my bike my mom started up the big hill and my friend Nicole was waiting for me around the corner.  She ran with me and was a great motivator to get me to the end. 
I finished and I couldn't be any happy! I really enjoyed training for it and I enjoyed doing it! I think another triathlon will be on my agenda in the future. My Aunt Linda came to watch see me finish and she said that if I did this triathlon again she wants to do it with me! It's awesome to inspire someone to do that, so this triathlon may be on the docket again next summer!

The rest of the day was spent getting a big breakfast with friends then hanging out with my girlfriends watching Gilmore Girls all day! It was an earned lazy day for sure!

The past couple of days have been spent at work and yesterday evening I went to school to move in a bunch of my stuff.  I have to admit I am getting excited to start a new semester! 

I will post later about what I am doing now that triathlon training is over!
One day until race day and I am a ball of emotions!! I have been reading a lot about triathlons and pre-race prepping and what not.  From my research I gathered that the morning before should be your biggest meal before the race, so you will have enough time to digest your food for the day.  For my big breakfast I had peanut butter pancakes, eggs and an english muffin. 
My mom and I then spent the day at the outlet mall nearby our house shopping away! Her getting a job and me heading back to school was the perfect excuse for our outing. Then it was home for an early lunch and off to work...
After convincing my boss to let me go a little earlier than I was scheduled. I went home to hang out with Rose and got an episode of Gilmore Girls in and then off to bed! I would like to be well rested but I am sure nerves and excitement will keep me up!
After my last blog post I enjoyed another couple relaxing days on the beach with my fam!
Tuesday my dad and I started the day off with a nice run. After a long day on the beach we went to Grotto's Pizza for dinner.  Grotto's is a famous chain around the Ocean City, Maryland area.  We started off with a delicious spinach and artichoke dip!

Then as our pizza arrived the dynamic duo of Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh-Jennings were playing on a TV nearby. They are just amazing to watch and defeated China in 2 sets. Here is one of the pizza's my family shared...the 
We then finished the night in Rehoboth playing some minigolf at Shell We Golf! My dad took first, as usual. 
Wednesday was our last day on the beach and we took full advantage of it.  The weather this week was not amazing but today's weather was great, even got a little burnt on my long walk down the beach.  My mom talked about the beach being her happy place and I have to say that would probably be mine as well. That night was a late dinner at Lobster Shanty, making perfect timing for the final beach volleyball game! Go USA! It was a great match and I had the TV right in front of me.  Seafood and olympics?! Talk about a happy camper! For dinner I had Lobster and Scallop Neuberg served with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  The sauce was super rich so I just could not finish it all but I did my best. It is a meal I will remember for a long time!

I don't know how we had room but we ended up at King Kone for dessert.  I had a grasshopper sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream, oreos and hot fudge. 
Yesterday was spent traveling home, going on a run with my mom and catching up on the Glee Project with Carly! We loveeee Blake!!!
There is not much to report since it has mostly been a day of traveling and relaxation! Much needed relaxation. We arrived in Bethany around 11:30 and were on the beach within an hour. Not exaggerating the slightest when I tell you I went and sat in the beach for a solid 6 hours and just read! I usually love reading and knock out a bunch of books on vacation. This summer however I haven't read that much. Today though I started and finished this book...
I picked it up one day on the sale shelf at Barnes n noble and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After a long day on the beach it was off to dinner. We ate at Bethany Blues a restaurant my best friend Ellen actually recommended.
We were served warm decadent cornbread. I am not a fan of cornbread but it was so good and served with a honey butter. My family scarfed it down before I could snap a pic. For my dinner I had a smoked salmon topped with a brown sugar glaze, rice and corn on the cob. The salmon was cooked perfectly but I am still not sure how I felt about brown sugar on my salmon. One final stop before it was back "home" for the Olympic...the candy kitchen. My dad and I got dark chocolate parels to share!
What's your favorite way to have salmon, or any fish, prepared?!

Hope the weather is sun shiny here and wherever you all are!