I have been sticking to the LiveFit program pretty well since I have started, but I am starting to get a little bored.  Yesterday I decided I just wanted to do a nice long cardio session, so I set out to complete a 50 minute treadmill workout.  This is what it looked like

Time(minutes)            Incline            Speed
0-5                                8                   4
5-15                              1                   6.5
15-20                            8                    4
20-25                            1                    6.5
25-45                        Switch at 1 minute intervals
                                between 4.5 speed and alternate
                                8 and 7.5 with an incline of 1
45-50                            8                    4

I was sweating after! It felt great though to do that.  A great workout like that really sets the tone for the day!
Today I also got a pretty decent cardio workout in, but I didn't want to over due it since I decided to lift after and I had my big run yesterday. So this is what today's 20 (21 actually) minute treadmill workout looked like
Time (minutes)            Incline            Speed
0-5                                8                    4   
5-8                                1                    6.5   
8-9                                1                    7.5
9-12                              1                    6.5
12-13                            1                    8.0
13-16                            1                    6.5
16-17                            1                    7.5
17-20                            1                    6.5
20-21                            1                    8.0

I finished with 10 minutes on the elliptical as well and did shoulders.

Tomorrow  marks the last day of tests for hopefully awhile, which means I will hopefully be able to blog a couple times a week...until the studying calls my name again in another couple of weeks!
A surprisingly yummy black bean patty salad with red wine vinaigrette.
Tasty Asian stirfry
A veggie packed egg white omelet
Oh Baker Bob!
Grilled cheese with tomato...what a classic!
Told ya...my go too! Manhattan clam chowder!
Friday night with in with sushi a california roll wrapped with brown rice, and a seaweed salad, and Say Yes to the Dress! What a night after a long week!
Jenna, one of my suitemates, parents came and took the two of us out for lunch at Iron Hill Brewery in town. It is a great restaurant and I go the Seafood Potpie...can you say genius?!
I am a huge fan of yogurt, but I am not a fan of this kind.  The after taste was not pleasing at all.
In one of our dining halls, we have a food place called Home Zone and they serve all the comfort foods of home. I don't go there too often because look at it! Talk about a possible addiction, but I finally got it this year and it was worth the wait!

Well I am off for some last chance studying before bed. Hopefully I will post again in the next couple of days!

God Bless
Salad and soup is my go to and one of my favorites!
Mashed Sweet potatoes and an Indian peanut sauce tofu stirfry...honestly I wasn't really feeling any of the food that d
Baker Bob is my favorite! Every Wednesday afternoon an older man, Baker Bob, comes in and always has a little special treat for us. And we love going to visit him because he is so nice and loves serving us up some yummies!
Breakfast! I get so excited when I actually get to go to breakfast! Its my favorite meal of the day! When I get to go I tend to get a big breakfast and not have lunch...not the best idea but I snack healthy in between!
I was a bit disappointed when this is what I got when I order a grilled veggie wrap.  It did the job though.
Cajun seasoned tilapia with green beans and some fries...
My family (minus one brother) came up for the day on Saturday. We went to Landmark for dinner and we shared my favorite sweet potato fries, which I
We ended the night at Kiwi, West Chester's local frozen yogurt bar.  My younger brother Jake always enjoys it!
Marshmallows are my little secret addiction and my roommate surprised me with these!! She knows me so well!
Today was a random day at lunch...I was not feeling any of the food today...I didn't even get close to finishing the soup. But for dinner I had a big ole salad! I just forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure you've see enough for today!

Have a wonderful week everyone, and may you enjoy a variety of wonderful foods!
One of my favorite things about being back at school is the Newman Center here.  I attend mass there every Sunday, go to all different activities and events they have, I am part of a women's group and I lead a bible study.  Needless to say it is a significant part of my life here at school and I couldn't be more happy about it!  I always feel so at home whenever I am there and I have been lucky enough to meet some of my best friends there.  What better relationship can you ask for then one built on a relationship with God?!

I could sit here and rave about the Newman Center for a while, but there is a little something that has been on my heart for a couple of weeks now and there it was today in the homily! Father Nordeman, our priest at the Newman Center, always has great, relateable  homilies. In today's homily he talked about how it is one thing to have faith but you must act on it as well. 

This idea of spreading the faith, or spreading the love as I like to think about it, has really been tugging at me recently.  At school here it is so easy to just be so focused on just yourself, especially when it comes to classes.  I could think of 1,001 reasons as to why I should be doing certain things for myself over others, but I know that God would never want me to think that way.  I have been thinking a lot lately of how I want to help others. I obviously have things, like school work and other obligations that I need to tend to, but why not utilize my free time to benefit others. With that, I am personally working on thinking of others needs and wants before mine as much as possible. Even just keeping my nose clean, not talking about others, and learning to be accepting of everyone.  Also, I am working on becoming an active participant in Circle K, the volunteer club on campus. I have already signed up for a couple events and have my first on Thursday! Finally, I really think I am being called to do a mission trip of some sort.  I would love for it to be sooner rather than later, but I firmly believe God will reveal His mission for me. 

My challenge for you this week is to let your faith speak through your actions! It is just as important to show that you are a Christian as it is to be one!

Ready for a recap of my week in meals?! Let me know how you like this set up!
I do love having my own salad bar, right at my finger tips in our dining hall!
Vegetable fried rice and lentil soup...loved the soup!
A make your own salad bar in Ram's Head, our food court. One of my favorite places as well.  I am mad at them currently though for their unhealthy salad dressing choices....ranch, bleu cheese, italian, caesar and honey mustard! Can you believe it?!
Really enjoyed this stuffed pepper!
One of my favorite guilty pleasures here at school...the waffle bar! This weekends theme was a sundae bar. Can you tell?
The roomies and I ordered in chinese on this rainy Saturday night. I got steamed shrimp and vegetables and vegetable spring rolls.  This was a small.  I can't imagine what a large would be!
Two of my roomies eating at our cute this table! Not sure they wanted me to post this but I couldn't resist. I guess we'll see if they read this ;)
Here are my goodies from my first trip to Trader Joe's! I have fallen in love.  Thanks Monica for taking me on my first trip!!
Loved this new greek yogurt I got! Extremely filling and I loved adding the fruit!
LOTS of veggies, fruit and grilled cheese with tomato! What a great lunch!
Purple salad anyone?! Got to test out my Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinaigrette and I really liked it! It wasn't too acidic and it had a nice texture to it.

I think that was enough pictures for the night! Happy Monday everyone!
I know I mentioned before how I want to try and shorten my blog posts...well being at school is definitely going to help me do that! I've barely got time to think about anything else with all my school work, but I really want to keep this blog up and running. I really wanted to share with you all the goodies and food I made for our Labor Day picnic on Monday.

First I'll start with the Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Salad. The recipe was very basic. I was making it for about 15 people so I just eyeballed most of the ingredients.
1 box of Smart Taste Penne Pasta
12-14 oz of halved Cherry tomatoes
8 oz of mini mozzarella balls
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 cup basil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Let the wet ingredients marinate for 15 or so minutes then add the pasta and refrigerated until ready to serve!

The desserts had me working all day but they were totally worth it!

Let's start with the Peanut Butter Brownies With Chocolate Covered Pretzels!
I am just going to link you to Sally's Baking Addiction because I followed her recipe for it to the T and everything turned out wonderfully. Here is the direct website link. I even made the brownies from scratch! That was a first, but totally worth it.
The finished product! I mean come on! How could you go wrong?!
Side view! Look at all the peanut butter...my favorite!

Finally I made an ice cream cake that was a big hit! It had the essence of a DQ cake and was very simple to make.
Bottom layer:
2 sleeves of crushed Oreos
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
Mix together, flatten in pan and freeze for 15 minutes
Next two layers:
Vanilla Ice cream softened
Chocolate Ice cream softened
Lay on layer down, let freeze for 30 minutes or so, then add next layer and let freeze again.
Fudge layer:
2 cups of powdered sugar
12 oz evaporated milk
2/3 cups Ghiradelli semisweet chocolate chips
1 stick of butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups rice krispies
Melt together top 4 ingredients then let boil for 8 minutes.  Add vanilla to cooled mixture along with rice krispies or add them on top of sauce after you pour it into the pan. Then freeze for at least another hour, but longer if you have time and top with cool whip!
My family had gotten to it before I had time to snap more pictures! It was a little more soft than I wanted it to be, but it did the job quite nicely! Now I am sitting here in my dorm room craving some of this treats! Good thing I didn't bring any back!

I am off to do some more work.  If anyone tries these recipes out let me know how they go!
The first week of my sophomore year is officially over and I would deem it a success! I am really excited about all of my classes.  I know I will have a lot of work to do, but I am excited to get into the good stuff! Speaking of good stuff...our new Rec Center opened on Tuesday! Needless to say I was there everyday I've been at school since it opened.
Me, Monica and Jenna (two of my suitemates) ready to take on the new fitness center!!

I've been doing the LiveFit trainer this week and it has been intense! The third week of phase 1 has really stepped it up and my body was feeling it.  The first two weeks I was able to do additional cardio on top of the weightifting, but this week it became a bit harder.  I came home Friday right after class for the holiday weekend and haven't had access to a gym, since I gave my PF membership while I am at school. I have decided I am just going to start over week three this week when I get back, and really step up my eating game.  I have not been doing awfully, except I have had some unnecessary ice cream since I have been home and tomorrow we've got some yummy desserts planned. After this weekend I need to get back on track.  Is anyone else on board with me?! Together we can work to defeat the gut, get lean and train mean!

Like I said before, I came home for the weekend.  It is a long weekend and it's perfect because it helps ease me into being at school and if I forgot anything I could just get it, like my broken microwave! Yesterday my dad, my brother Ben and I went to D.C. to the Nationals game, playing none other than our favorite Cardinals! And it was a great game! I don't think I have ever personally witnessed more homeruns in one MLB game. The Cardinals game out with the W and we couldn't have been more happy!
That's how close I was to Yadier Molina(for all you Cards fans)! Today I spent more time with my family and got to see one of my best friends Carly, at her school, Messiah!

I've been thinking about how I am going to blog about my meals for the semester. I think I will blog on Monday's making it known as My Meals Monday. At school I won't really be making many meals, but when I go home and make some meals I will most likely blog about those meals when they happen...like today!

Today I made a stir fry for my family.  It was a huge hit! How do I know? My brothers had seconds! It was even packed with veggies. I made the main dish with shrimp and vegetables then made chicken in a separate pan for my brothers. 
Look at all those yummy veggies!
I used terriakyi sauce in place of regular soy or Szechuan sauce.
My brothers loved the chicken terriakyi.
The finished product! Yumm!

Veggie-Shrimp Stirfry:
Serves 5
1/2 large white onion
Snap Peas
Medium sized head of broccoli
1 can of water chestnuts
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
2 1/2-3 Cups uncooked brown rice
3 eggs
Olive Oil
Terriakyi Sauce
2 lbs. Shrimp

Cook the vegetables (really up to you how much you want of each vegetable) with some olive oil and terriakyi sauce until vegetables are almost fully cooked.  Then add shrimp and mix occasionally until shrimp is cooked.  While veggies are cooking get rice ready.  Once veggies are finished remove vegetables and leave some of the sauce to cook the rice in.  First I would cook the a little first to almost scramble them, then add rice in.  Stir in eggs until cooked, put in bowl and you are ready to serve!

I hope everyone enjoys your labor day festivities!