Another year is here again. I can not believe I am back already.  The summer has felt so long, yet so short. Doesn't summer always seem too short though? I am glad to be back here in West Chester. I've got some exciting things happening for me this year. I am blessed to be coming back to school with so many wonderful friends.  Having my friends, my dorm and my clubs and activities I have really help make me feel at home here.

This morning started off with one of my favorite dad's french toast!!
Yummmm! I ate the whole plate ;)

Then after goodbyes my mom and I were off to West Chester.  We had to stop for Starbucks of course! I got my fav...a skinny white mocha with soymilk!

Once we got to school I had to get my new ID card and my parking permit. Then it was off to my suite! Yes, I said suite. I am living in a suite with five other girls. We have three bedrooms, side-by-side, sharing a large hallway and two bathrooms.  We got to my dorm room around 11:30 and camped out in my room until about 3:30.  Can I tell you how much I love my mommy! She got me so organized and I was able to fit almost all of my belongings.  I did over pack a tad, so it was no surprise I had to send some clothes home. After our hardwork, we went to Pita Pit for a yummy late lunch.

I was excited to see all the vegetarian pitas they had, but I just had to try a breakfast pita. It was filled with egg, spinach, hashbrowns, tomato, onion and green pepper. It was the perfect lunch after a long first tiring half of the day.
Then it was back home for me, and back home for my mom.  I was sad to see her go, but I know she's always a phone call, text or hour and a half drive away.  I had to finish organizing my stuff and catch up with my girls! Here's a look at my side of the room!!
This is my side!!! I just love it!
Here's the closet. I think we organized it pretty well.  I'm pretty proud too about how we fit everything. This closet is smaller than mine from last year, AND significantly smaller than my two at home. 
And here's my desk. I thought it was a good idea to have it against the wall. I can't see the TV from it and it seems like it's a good idea to keep me away from distractions.  I am still not sure about having it beside my bed, but I will deal. And don't you just love Finn right beside my bed?!
I am in love with my new comforter!!! And the shelving is a new addition since last year. Hopefully I don't bonk my head when I wake up. I tested it though and it seemed perfect!
Last pic! I just wanted to show off my new pictures. Both of those picture boards were made for me. One was made my friend Carly and was made by Monica (one of my suitemates and former roomie!)! I envy people that are so creative!

We all finished off the night making a Walmart run, then heading to TGI Fridays for dinner, Emma's mom's treat! I enjoyed a Southwest Wedge Salad. It was spicy, but I really enjoyed it!

Erica, my roommate, said I could blog her side tomorrow! We are in the middle of working on a quote wall, so I am going to supervise and I will blog later!!

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