There is not much to report since it has mostly been a day of traveling and relaxation! Much needed relaxation. We arrived in Bethany around 11:30 and were on the beach within an hour. Not exaggerating the slightest when I tell you I went and sat in the beach for a solid 6 hours and just read! I usually love reading and knock out a bunch of books on vacation. This summer however I haven't read that much. Today though I started and finished this book...
I picked it up one day on the sale shelf at Barnes n noble and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After a long day on the beach it was off to dinner. We ate at Bethany Blues a restaurant my best friend Ellen actually recommended.
We were served warm decadent cornbread. I am not a fan of cornbread but it was so good and served with a honey butter. My family scarfed it down before I could snap a pic. For my dinner I had a smoked salmon topped with a brown sugar glaze, rice and corn on the cob. The salmon was cooked perfectly but I am still not sure how I felt about brown sugar on my salmon. One final stop before it was back "home" for the Olympic...the candy kitchen. My dad and I got dark chocolate parels to share!
What's your favorite way to have salmon, or any fish, prepared?!

Hope the weather is sun shiny here and wherever you all are!

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