Day 2 was easier and harder all at the same time. My sweet tooth was really trying to get me to cater to it yesterday. Especially at work! I work at a frozen yogurt shop and part of my job includes filling toppings and I get a free yogurt with every shift. Needless to say that alone will be testing my will power! I did not however succumb to the temptation. I just ate my packed snack during my break instead and I was full, in the good sense of the word. Here is what I had to eat yesterday...

For breakfast I had the blueberry oatmeal with 2 hard boiled eggwhites, and 1 with its yolk.
For lunch I had a stir fry. It did have carrots in it which are not on the grocery list, but honestly I am not sure why they aren't. Got to keep those eyes healthy! I also had a side of almonds with it.
For diner it was fish seasoned with basil and lemon, then broccoli, onions and mushrooms seasoned with fresh garlic.
At work I packed myself a snack of cucumber and tomato seasoned with garlic powder. This was quite refreshing and kept me full.

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