Christmas has come and gone and I am so happy to be home! I got home almost two weeks ago now and I've been thrown back into work like its my, well, job. I am thrilled to be home after a long week of studying for finals and I am happy to say I made it out alive! I am happy to report my hard work paid off cause I made the deans list! Now it is a deserved 6 weeks off then back for another tough semester. I am blessed enough to love my major and minor so I don't mind putting in the work, most of the time.

Other exciting news from the end of the semester is that I officially have a house for my junior year with three of my friends Diana, Mary and Stephanie. We are so excited to live in a house and with each other! An exciting tidbit is that my one future roommate Diana is also a vegetarian. I don't get to share my vegetarianism too much with others, but I'll get to share it with a roommate which is encouraging and exciting!

Back to the reason for the season! Every year the Christmas season seems to be taken more and more over by the media and the retail industry. Sometimes it's hard to see the true meaning of Christmas through it all. We all owe it to ourselves to continue to show others the true reason for the season and not just live it out the month if December but everyday of our lives! I am lucky enough however to have a family who is blessed to provide my brothers and I with a pretty awesome Christmas!

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time is getting together with my dads side of our family every Christmas Eve. I really love my family and am so blessed to have them in my life. After a night with the fam we cut out for midnight mass at our church. We started going to midnight mass a handful of years ago and I just love it! Then we try to sleep in but it still doesn't work, one cause I have a young younger brother and two because I just can't sleep in past 9 ever anymore.

I was excited and thankful to open and recieve my gifts. I was doubly excited to have a relative fitness centered theme to my presents! My parents and Santa really get me! I was given awesome workout clothes including new under armour running leggings! Also, I got an interval timer for working out and triathlon car magnet.
I also got a balance disc and kettlebell.
I tested out the kettlebell this morning and I love it! I'll be sure to post workouts with these soon when I get the hang of how to use them all!

Did I mention we had a white Christmas too?! For most of the day at least. And it's been snowing again all day again, giving me an excuse to sit and watch my new Glee season three DVD set.

Well I think I've left you with more than enough. Hopefully I'll be posting more in the next couple of weeks! God bless you all and merry Christmas!!

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