I've managed to find a little bit of time between the madness that is school right now.  I wanted to continue my Dorm Room Stocking series with a snack edition.  College schedules can get really weird with early morning classes, late night classes, club meetings, friends, etc. It is important to have healthy snacks on hand at all times.  Through trial and error I have come up with some snacks that get me through the day.
PEANUT BUTTER! Seriously I do not understand anyone who doesn't like peanut butter. It is one of my weaknesses. There's nothing that a spoonful of peanut butter can't fix right?! It's also nice to have to spread over rice cakes for some protein. Honestly...I just prefer it by the spoonful!
So these snacks may be marketed towards children, however I love them! Whole grains, sunflower seeds and some flavor. Can't go wrong there. The serving size is 14 pieces for only 150 calories and most times I can't even eat all 14 pieces.
Whole grain, baked Goldfish? Hello! Who doesn't love the snack that smiles back?! I just tried the Annie's Cheddar Snack Mix, yes for kids again, and it is yummy so I don't care. It hits the spot when I crave something salty. In the back is the 7-grain Kashi crackers. I like to use them for Hummus...which I do not currently have in the room, but is a great thing to have on hand as well!
Here are my chip selections. Honestly, I am not much of a chip person anymore, but I love the Sweet Potato chips because they are both sweet and salty. The pop chips are always good, unfortunately you get more air than anything in the bag. And rice cakes are good to have with some peanut butter!
This is my "bar drawer" stash. I literally have a drawer that is devoted to all the bars that I eat. Luna Bars are my jam! I love the Peanut Honey Pretzel and the Blueberry Bliss flavors. I recently discovered Luna's fiber bars. These Vanilla Blueberry taste like Nutrigrain bars, but are a lot more filling and the Chocolate Raspberry taste like brownies to me! I also have an assortment of random bars like Kind, QuestBar, Cliff and Pure, for whenever I am feeling adventurous!
Lastly, we've got the nuts. Pictured here are my Pistachios which I usually buy from the grocery store in the self-serve isle. Make sure to get unsalted! And choose which ones are your favorite!

As I have been doing this little project I have come to realization of how much food I have in my room.  These have all been accumulated through my trips home and the grocery store on my own, but I love trying new foods so I just go for it! I figure it is helping me decide what I want for my house this coming year.

Don't be afraid to try new things.  Most of these snacks and breakfast items I previously talked about, I hadn't been eating over a year ago. Don't forget to have fun with it. Be practical too, because you need to have room to store all this food in your fridge and wherever else you keep your food, especially if you share the space with roommates!

What are your favorite snacks to have on hand at all times?!

Happy snacking everyone!

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