Today was just a great day! These are the days that are so easy to be thankful for. These are the days that you finally gey a little understanding as to why certain people are in your life and why certain things happen to you.

I started off my day with an 11 mile bike ride followed by a 2.5 mile run. The weather was absolutely perfect to workout in! Then I came home and finished with one I my favorites...dannon light and fit yogurt(blueberry today) with cascadia farm organic maple sugar granola!

Then, I awaited the arrival of one of my best friend from school, and future roommate, Erica! We had a great day together! First we went to the country club my family belongs to for lunch and some much needed sun(at least for me!). Then after some fun in the sun we headed off to Giant for some groceries because we decided we were going to make dinner! On the menu tonight...a 7-layer tortilla pie (vegetarian style!) and homemade guacamole!
To end this tasty dinner we took Erica to Brusters for ice cream for her first time. I got Coffee Oreo!! Then she got to meet one of my best friends Nicole and it went great! Pretty cool knowing two of my friends from different parts of my life got along so well! Now we are finishing the night with a movie.

Hope you all are getting to spend time with your friends this summer!!

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