One of my favorite things about being back at school is the Newman Center here.  I attend mass there every Sunday, go to all different activities and events they have, I am part of a women's group and I lead a bible study.  Needless to say it is a significant part of my life here at school and I couldn't be more happy about it!  I always feel so at home whenever I am there and I have been lucky enough to meet some of my best friends there.  What better relationship can you ask for then one built on a relationship with God?!

I could sit here and rave about the Newman Center for a while, but there is a little something that has been on my heart for a couple of weeks now and there it was today in the homily! Father Nordeman, our priest at the Newman Center, always has great, relateable  homilies. In today's homily he talked about how it is one thing to have faith but you must act on it as well. 

This idea of spreading the faith, or spreading the love as I like to think about it, has really been tugging at me recently.  At school here it is so easy to just be so focused on just yourself, especially when it comes to classes.  I could think of 1,001 reasons as to why I should be doing certain things for myself over others, but I know that God would never want me to think that way.  I have been thinking a lot lately of how I want to help others. I obviously have things, like school work and other obligations that I need to tend to, but why not utilize my free time to benefit others. With that, I am personally working on thinking of others needs and wants before mine as much as possible. Even just keeping my nose clean, not talking about others, and learning to be accepting of everyone.  Also, I am working on becoming an active participant in Circle K, the volunteer club on campus. I have already signed up for a couple events and have my first on Thursday! Finally, I really think I am being called to do a mission trip of some sort.  I would love for it to be sooner rather than later, but I firmly believe God will reveal His mission for me. 

My challenge for you this week is to let your faith speak through your actions! It is just as important to show that you are a Christian as it is to be one!


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