I survived the first day of Sophomore year! I only have two classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but so far so good.  My professors seem awesome and the classes seem interesting.  My lit class one of the assignments is to watch the Hunger Games, enough said.

It was an early morning for me because Jenna and I had to go and get an Anatomy tutor.  We were in line at 7:10 for the center to open at 8. We got our tutors and started off the day getting some bagels from our favorite on campus breakfast stop, Einstein's Bagels!
I got a whole-grain bagel thin with egg whites, asparagus, mushrooms and swiss cheese, with a tomato pesto sauce.  It was so yummy! Really got me off to a good start. 
After breakfast it was off to my first class of the day...Anatomy and Physiology.
Ready for my first day!!

My Anatomy professor seems super nice and personable and he's Australian! Then my Literature professor's name is Merry Perry! What a funny and cool name right?!

After class it was off to lunch. I had Manhattan Clam Chowder and a salad. It really hit the spot.  Then I had a couple of hours to print stuff off for my classes tomorrow.  At three I had lab for my Anatomy class. I am excited for this lab because it is actually going to relate to the lecture portion and my lab professor seems really nice.

You know I had to get a workout in.  The new Rec Center isn't opening until tomorrow, which means I wasn't able to lift.  I improvised and did my own workout.  I went and did a sprinting interval workout on the treadmill. 
Treadmill interval workout:
0:00-5:00 minutes    5.0 (jogging)
5:00-20:00 minutes    8.0 (sprint) for 45 seconds
                                5.0 (jogging) for 30 seconds
20:00-25:00 minutes    Cool Down
Then I came back to my room and did a workout in our hallway...it looked like this:
-10 Front Lunges
-10 Backward Lunges
-10 Squats
-10 Snake
-20 Squats
-20 Mountain Climbers
-5 Burpees
Right Leg/Butt Exercises:
-10 Straight Leg Raise Halfway
-10 Straight Leg Raise Halfway to Highest Point
-10 Straight Leg Complete Raise
-10 Curling Lower Leg to Butt
-10 Thigh Straight With Leg Bent Pulses
-10 Leg Crunch In to Extension
-10 Fire Hydrant
(Keep leg flexed as much as you can)
-50 Jumping Jacks
Left Leg/Butt Exercises (all the same of the above)
-20 Scissors
-20 Bicycles
-20 Squats

Hopefully on a rainy day I will be able to get pics up of some of these exercises.  The snack though is a cool exercise. You start bent over and walk your arms out into a pushup position, do a pushup and then walk your legs back to your hands. Then repeat! It works the whole body!

After working out it was time for dinner, and we went to the diner for dinner.  I got a cheese quesedilla. Yumm! I love me some salsa! Now it's Bachelor Pad time!! I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of school!!

judith u. zingg
08/27/2012 6:40pm

You are awesome, but you & or your mother forgot to mend your jeans!!!!! I know, I know, they are supposed to be that way.

I tried the snake exercise. You're right it does work the whole body.
I know I can't do as many as you, tho.


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