Errands, errands, errands! That was what my morning consisted of. Oh and a couple hours of stats homework. It's Tuesday so the last errand of the day was grocery shopping! I found a couple of dessert recipes for the Fourth of July before we went so I got what I needed and made my first dessert tonight...white chocolate covered Oreos with festive sprinkles!
I had a limited supply of lollipop sticks so some are without a stick.
They are so cute and festive! I want to try and make cake pops too sometime soon. After the last few days I think I'll be taking a break from sweets for a while.

This afternoon I went to the pool with Nicole. Swimming is not my forte and neither is it Nicole's. She did some of my workout with me which was fun! This workout was a long one though and she was going running later so I don't blame her for not going the whole workout with me, but I enjoyed her company! This is the workout I did today:
1 x 400
6 x 50
6 x 100
8 x 50
1 x 300
Total: 2000 yards
That was killer. I was exhausted after. I left the pooling feeling accomplished though!

I finished the night watching one of my current favorite shows, The Glee Project! I don't think I have yet expressed my obsession but GLEE is my obsession! Just wait for season four to start! I can't wait! Anyways, my favorites on the Glee Project would have to be Blake, he's so cute, Shana, great voice, Michael, he's just so normal, and Aylin, she's got attitude in a good way! Anyone else a fan?! Who's your favorite?

Happy Fourth of July! Be safe, enjoy some great food and come back and share some recipes with us :)

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