What a long day! I started early with morning at job number one, waitressing, then went straight to job number two, to teach a couple classes. After that was all said and done I was pretty tired. I really wanted to get a swim workout in though. I went to my country club and did a swim workout. I did a progression of laps, adding 2 more to each set going up to 12, then regressing back down to 2. I should tell you my "laps" is 1 is up and 2 is back! Not sure how laps are defined by a true swimmer. After my swim though I took some time to relax by the pool, with the current issue of fitness magazine!
For dinner I got a yummy fruit salad that had pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew. I used to work at the snack bar at this pool actually and I didn't really get why we put the bed of greens beneath the fruit and served it with raspberry vinegaret. Now it get it!! It was so good! Oh and it was topped off with a delicious cinnamon bread. Definitely a great dinner after a nice swim.
Now I'm snuggling in with my two pups to finally watch The Descendants.
Enjoy your night everyone!

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