Wow was today a long day! I worked a double today, the first starting at 6:30...A.M.!! Let's just talked about yesterday first.

In the morning I went to Messiah (college) to run. It is perfectly located to incorporate hills into my run, which I now know I need to do. I got in a nice 50 minute run. The weather was perfect for running!

After my run and before work I was just hanging out ya know, making some popsicles. Isn't that what you do when you hang out? These Popsicles were essentially fruit smoothies frozen in Popsicle molds. The first layer had blueberries, blackberries, blueberry yogurt and crushed ice.
The middle layer consisted of vanilla yogurt, sugar and ice.
The final layer has strawberries, raspberries, strawberry yogurt and crushed ice!
Look how pretty they are!
Before it was work time I whipped together a quick and easy favorite. An eggs sandwich. I had it with a side of raspberries.
When I came home my mom had made a crave worthy pizza. She made the whole wheat crust we found a recipe for and topped it with tomatoes, spinach, mozarella, garlic and olive oil! Sounds good right? I never got the point of white pizzas until recently, but it's so good!
I don't want to bore you with work talk so I'll just let you know what I ate today...After part one of the double shift I quick ran home for lunch. I popped this little ditty in the microwave and it was so good and quite filling.
Then after part two I ended up going out to dinner with my parents. We went to The Caddy Shack. We started sharing some Crabby Fries, which are basically fries with old bay. I am not a huge fry fan but these were different and I enjoyed the spice to them.
For my entree..I had a veggie burger. I am hesitant to try these sometimes because they could go wrong so easily. This "burger" had nothing wrong with it! It came with chipotle ranch on the side too which I am normally not a fan of but I actually really liked it.
Finally we ended up at Bamboo, a frozen yogurt bar. I got Salted chocolate covered pretzel and peanut butter cookie yogurt, with various toppings. I am now about to explode.
For those of you who live around me, Bamboo has now taken the crown from
Sweet Frog as the best around frozen yogurt place. Bamboo still has tough competition in West Chester...none other than Kiwi!!

Which one do you think is better...Seeet Frog or Bamboo?!
OR, where is your favorite frozen yourt hang?

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