Today has been an absolutely wonderful day!! I first started off my day with a great run. I woke up a little earlier than usual so I could start my travels. The weather was not too hot yet and it wasn't humid. Perfect!

I finally got everything together and headed off to New Jersey...not without stopping at Starbucks first!
I got a white chocolate mocha with organic soymilk! The perfect treat for a lonely traveler.

After the new John Mayer CD played through, and some Glee tracks, I finally made it through my first trip through Philly and made it to New Jersey! Driving through Philly was a little nerve wrecking but I made it!

I was so excited to see Erica! First stop on hometown tour number two? The Phily Diner, a staple in her hometown.
I got a crab cake sandwich. It was delicious! Erica recommended it, since the menu had so many options, but finding a vegetarian meal was a little hard. The sandwich was a big win though! And the clam chowder was one of the best I have had.
Erica had chicken noodle soup...she loved it ;) She also had a pretty good lucking tortilla chipotle chicken salad.
After lunch we went shopping, for awhile. We had fun and found some good bargains. I'm always down for a nice day of shopping!

We came home for a wonderful dinner Erica's mom made us. She made an savory vegetarian pasta dish. It was filled with feta cheese, spinach, pinto beans, sun dried tomatoes and olives. I was so flattered that she went out of her way to make a vegetarian dish!

We went to their local "water ice" shop, The Water Icr Factory, for dessert. It may have been the best Italian ice I've ever had. I got a strawberry lemonade gelati or "whif".
Now we are snuggling in for the night watching Something Borrowed and getting ready for a hot day at the beach!! I'm so excited to be able to go for the day! Stay cool everyone. It's going to be a hot one tomorrow!

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