Today was just another work, workout and work again type of day. Nothing too exciting went on today. Work wasn't even that bust tonight. I did however get a really good workout in today. I did a treadmill workout today. I started off with a 10 minute warmup, then followed that with a three mile run and finished with a 10 minute cool down. That was a pretty killer workout. For my three miles I upped my speed after each mile. After the treadmill I went over to one of the towers and focused on my arms. I did all different exercises. I started with low row, then did the interchangeable handles where I did triceps, biceps and shoulder exercises.

Boy was I exhausted after that workout! I even got so caught up in it that I didn't leave enough time to go grocery shopping with my mom before work :( I still have her what was on my list though!

Before work I needed something that was going to hold me over for awhile because I was closing. For my meal I had vegetarian riblets, green peppers with lite ranch dressing and blueberry Greek yogurt! It did keep me quite full and it was a meal full of all different tastes which was nice.
Tomorrow I plan on making one of my favorite newer recipes...granola bars! They are so tasty and my family loves them too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. Get ready for a scorcher tomorrow!

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