I am excited to report that I am FINALLY blogging from my laptop. I have been having wifi trouble with my laptop and one of my good friends, Tyler, had his mom work on it. She fixed it! We finally go our home wifi connection fixed! This would have been nice when I had more than a week and a half left of my online  class but what can you do?

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy for me.  I am going away for a long weekend, I have a lot more hours at work, stats class and training/working out! I am going to try and post but they will probably be short.  Short is probably better though!

Yesterday I went on an hour bike ride and finished with about a 2 mile run.  It was a hot one and the run I was moving pretty slow.  At least it sure felt like it.  I kind of felt like I was about to pass out, which brought my attention to how much I need to stay hydrated. I usually do a really good job at staying hydrated, but I must not be doing as well as I thought.  Then it was a night spent at work. 

Today I worked out with Nicole.  It was a pretty hot one so our distance wasn't the longest.  However we did sprints which requires more energy exertion. We did 3 sets of this workout:
  • Half mile, sprinting the lengths and jogging the widths
  • 10 push-ups
  • 20 squats
  • 30 crunches
Then we did two sets of three 200 meter sprints.  I am not a sprinter, except when it game to running around the bases so this workout was a challenge.  I may not have gotten great times, but I gave it my all and embraced the challenge. 

I got called into work early so it was home for a quick lunch.  I had a frozen health choice meal.  It was so yummy! And it made my kitchen smell really good.  I accompanied it with a glass of almond milk and a doughnut peach! Has anyone ever had a doughnut peach? It was quite tasty!

Tomorrow it is another long day of work, working out and getting ready for Niagara Falls! I am so excited to get away! 

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