Tomorrow  marks the last day of tests for hopefully awhile, which means I will hopefully be able to blog a couple times a week...until the studying calls my name again in another couple of weeks!
A surprisingly yummy black bean patty salad with red wine vinaigrette.
Tasty Asian stirfry
A veggie packed egg white omelet
Oh Baker Bob!
Grilled cheese with tomato...what a classic!
Told go too! Manhattan clam chowder!
Friday night with in with sushi a california roll wrapped with brown rice, and a seaweed salad, and Say Yes to the Dress! What a night after a long week!
Jenna, one of my suitemates, parents came and took the two of us out for lunch at Iron Hill Brewery in town. It is a great restaurant and I go the Seafood Potpie...can you say genius?!
I am a huge fan of yogurt, but I am not a fan of this kind.  The after taste was not pleasing at all.
In one of our dining halls, we have a food place called Home Zone and they serve all the comfort foods of home. I don't go there too often because look at it! Talk about a possible addiction, but I finally got it this year and it was worth the wait!

Well I am off for some last chance studying before bed. Hopefully I will post again in the next couple of days!

God Bless

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