Salad and soup is my go to and one of my favorites!
Mashed Sweet potatoes and an Indian peanut sauce tofu stirfry...honestly I wasn't really feeling any of the food that d
Baker Bob is my favorite! Every Wednesday afternoon an older man, Baker Bob, comes in and always has a little special treat for us. And we love going to visit him because he is so nice and loves serving us up some yummies!
Breakfast! I get so excited when I actually get to go to breakfast! Its my favorite meal of the day! When I get to go I tend to get a big breakfast and not have lunch...not the best idea but I snack healthy in between!
I was a bit disappointed when this is what I got when I order a grilled veggie wrap.  It did the job though.
Cajun seasoned tilapia with green beans and some fries...
My family (minus one brother) came up for the day on Saturday. We went to Landmark for dinner and we shared my favorite sweet potato fries, which I
We ended the night at Kiwi, West Chester's local frozen yogurt bar.  My younger brother Jake always enjoys it!
Marshmallows are my little secret addiction and my roommate surprised me with these!! She knows me so well!
Today was a random day at lunch...I was not feeling any of the food today...I didn't even get close to finishing the soup. But for dinner I had a big ole salad! I just forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure you've see enough for today!

Have a wonderful week everyone, and may you enjoy a variety of wonderful foods!

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