Ready for a recap of my week in meals?! Let me know how you like this set up!
I do love having my own salad bar, right at my finger tips in our dining hall!
Vegetable fried rice and lentil soup...loved the soup!
A make your own salad bar in Ram's Head, our food court. One of my favorite places as well.  I am mad at them currently though for their unhealthy salad dressing choices....ranch, bleu cheese, italian, caesar and honey mustard! Can you believe it?!
Really enjoyed this stuffed pepper!
One of my favorite guilty pleasures here at school...the waffle bar! This weekends theme was a sundae bar. Can you tell?
The roomies and I ordered in chinese on this rainy Saturday night. I got steamed shrimp and vegetables and vegetable spring rolls.  This was a small.  I can't imagine what a large would be!
Two of my roomies eating at our cute this table! Not sure they wanted me to post this but I couldn't resist. I guess we'll see if they read this ;)
Here are my goodies from my first trip to Trader Joe's! I have fallen in love.  Thanks Monica for taking me on my first trip!!
Loved this new greek yogurt I got! Extremely filling and I loved adding the fruit!
LOTS of veggies, fruit and grilled cheese with tomato! What a great lunch!
Purple salad anyone?! Got to test out my Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinaigrette and I really liked it! It wasn't too acidic and it had a nice texture to it.

I think that was enough pictures for the night! Happy Monday everyone!

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