I was so excited to wake up to a beautiful morning, with the sun shining bright and the birds chirping right outside my window! I literally jumped out of bed to check the temperature because I love to get my workouts in outside as much as I can. You should probably know that I am very sensitive to cold weather so what most people can tolerate I cannot. But it was perfect out! My training packet for today had me doing biking and swimming...well there is one problem. I currently do not have a pool that I am using to swim. I hopefully will have that figured out by the end of next week. So instead I changed it to biking and running.  I am fortunate enough to have a lot of not so busy roads around my house to bike on.  I did a route that ended up being about 11 miles, then I ended at a park connected to my neighborhood that has a track and ran a little over 2 miles. 

It was a great bike ride and run to start off the weekend! The wind was not my friend though today. This route has a lot of hills on the one road, and the wind was not supper strong, but strong enough to really make me work! I don't mind the extra push, it will only make me stronger right?!

After that long workout, my muscles were fatigued, so I knew I needed a nice protein packed breakfast. If you didn't know, you should eat protein after a good workout. It will help with muscle recovery.I have to be honest I had oatmeal probably once when I was a kid and never liked it, but I love it in bars and baked. I finally decided to try some oatmeal again today.  I wanted that protein punch, so I cooked my oatmeal in milk and then added peanut butter to it! I also added a bit of honey, or you could add agave nectar as well. 
After this attempt at oatmeal I definitely think I will be working it more into my diet.  I am not yet in love with it, but it filled me up for awhile.  I am going to next try a recipe where I stir in frozen fruits! What is your favorite oatmeal recipe? Please comment and share with us below!
I love peanut butter!! Whoever came up with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a pure genius! This is my peanut butter is my new favorite kind! The good thing about it is that it is all natural. Jiff makes some great peanut butter, but it is packed with hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils can be avoided and I really try to do that. I blog some other time more about hydrogenated oils...get excited ;) 

With all this working out I have been doing my feet have been getting a beating, to put it lightly. My wonderful mother treated me , and herself of course, to a pedicure! I absolutely love to get pedicures and my feet really appreciated it too. We work hard so don't forget to reward yourself every now and then! 

Now I am off to spend some time with my best friend, who is leaving for France on Wednesday for a whole month, and some friends we haven't seen since we've been back from school! And yes I said she is going to FRANCE for a MONTH! God is taking her there on a mission to help work with an international church.  She is one of the most Godly people I know, and she lives for Him, always. I hope everyone has a friend or friends, like this in their life. Who is your spiritual role model?! 


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