While Erica was sleeping I woke up a little early and went on a nice run! She got to sleep in and I got to workout. Win-win situation for all! Once I returned we decided to try a Peanut Butter French toast recipe I got from the Peanut Butter Fingers blog. I did add some twists though. For the peanut butter portion we each did about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter(I used planter's natural) and added a spoonful of powdered sugar. Erica added in some chocolate chips. Then I mixed an egg and milk together with a splash of vanilla and cinnamon (my modifications). We put the peanut butter mix between two slices of whole grain bread and dipped the bread into the egg mix and fried them in the frying pan. And this is what we got:
It was sooo yummy! And so filling! The peanut butter inside was so creamy and delicious! I would recommend this recipe to all of my peanut butter lovers!!

Have a great rest of the day everyone :)

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