I'm currently snuggling up with my new issue of Health magazine while watching Iron Chef America! I did want to stop in quick and talk about one of my favorite newer workout tips...Pinterest!
While working out today with Rose she said something that made me both laugh and think, "you should get a medal or something for actually doing the workouts in pinterest and not just pinning them to pin them!". Think about it though. How many workouts have you pinned and have actually done?! I personally have a hard time doing the same workouts day after day, while sometimes having trouble with creating my own workouts. This is where Pinterest comes in quite handy. You can do the workouts exactly how they are layed out, modify them to your liking or even stagger workouts. Today I did a bit of a modification. I first found this workout that I want to incorporate more into my fitness regimen.
My modification was a half mile run, or two laps around the track, between each set. That gave me the cardio I crave. This was seriously a great workout! I was dripping by the end and I even got Rose to join in the last couple of sets.
Someone got my phone while I was doing my jumping jacks! Haha. I love my new under armour shorts too, I am sure you can all tell because my pictures make it look like they are all I workout in! I'll prove you wrong someday soon!!

Please share your favorite pinterest workouts. I always like trying different things! And follow me on Pinterest to see what workouts I'll be trying!

Now I am off to bed because my friend Emily and I are taking a mini road trip tomorrow for the day to visit our friend Steph! Here we come Steph, get ready!!!

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