One day until race day and I am a ball of emotions!! I have been reading a lot about triathlons and pre-race prepping and what not.  From my research I gathered that the morning before should be your biggest meal before the race, so you will have enough time to digest your food for the day.  For my big breakfast I had peanut butter pancakes, eggs and an english muffin. 
My mom and I then spent the day at the outlet mall nearby our house shopping away! Her getting a job and me heading back to school was the perfect excuse for our outing. Then it was home for an early lunch and off to work...
After convincing my boss to let me go a little earlier than I was scheduled. I went home to hang out with Rose and got an episode of Gilmore Girls in and then off to bed! I would like to be well rested but I am sure nerves and excitement will keep me up!

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