Today was a pretty yucky day out. It was raining when I woke up, which I was not very happy about. I didn't really feel like going to PF, rain tends to have that affect on me, so I decided to workout at home. I did Kenpo X, which is the P90X kickboxing. Kickboxing is one of my favorite cardio workouts! It works everything if you do it right. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself for how I did. One of the last times I remember doing that video was a couple years ago when my mom got P90X. You would've thought it would've been easier for me to do it then, when I was a year round high school athlete, but today I was able to keep up the whole time with the video! This was encouraging to me because I have been struggling lately with feeling good about myself. This was a good pat on the back to start off my day!

After a nice workout my mom, my brother Jake and I went shopping! One of our stops...the under armour outlet!! If you ever are losing motivation to workout a suggestion is buy yourself a new workout outfit. Or the opposite set a workout goal and treat yourself with a new outfit once you accomplish that goal!

I ended the night watching my brother Ben's baseball game while sporting long yoga pants and a sweatshirt I should add! And I just finished watching the Bachelorette. Did not see the ending to the rose ceremony coming! I'm still team Sean and Arie!
Oh and this is what I had for dinner tonight. It was very tasty, only 230 calories with 7 grams of fiber and completely vegetarian! It will definitely be making its way into my grocery basket again! What are your favorite frozen dinners?! I've shared mine, now share yours :)

Tyler Bailey
06/18/2012 7:50pm

Hey cool blog! I think it's awesome that you're trying to eat healthy. I have been really into this lately too but my family just thinks I'm crazy! Haha especially the vegetarian part! Its really cool that youre family is so supportive of it! At least this time you won't have me trying to slip the meat back into your food at lunch! Haha

Rebecca Dubas
06/19/2012 6:00am

Thanks Tyler for reading! And eating healthy can be really fun! We can talk about it more when we hang out :)) and I'll miss you trying sneak meat in my food! Haha


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