It is that time of year again...flu season.  What a sad, sad time.  One of my poor roommates is currently at home with asthmatic bronchitis! Can you imagine?! Prayers go out to her for a speedy recovery!

Unfortunately, I think I am getting a little bit of what she had.  I preach healthy eating, exercising and sleeping for a healthy life, but some times it is just out of our control. In my case I started to get a sore throat Monday morning when I woke up, so later that day I went to Giant to stuck up on some healthy supplements to kick the sickness out of me before it took over!
As you can see I got Echinacea tablets and tea. I love yogi tea! It has become my new obsession! And seriously who doesn't want a remedy that's only like $4 and organic?! Organic and favorite! Today my throat is feeling better but I am more congested. I've got myself taking about 3-4 tablets a day and at least 2 cups of tea when I have down time or in class.

Next on the agenda now that class is over for the day is to go downstairs and workout! It is a tad difficult for me to breath so I think I am going to try a running-walking treadmill workout that should look a little like this:

Time(minutes)            Incline                    Speed
0-5                            1.0                            5.5
4-9                            6.5                            4.0
9-10                          1.0                            7.0
10-15                        1.0                             6.0
15-19                        6.5                            4.0
19-20                        1.0                            7.5
20-25                        1.0                            6.2
25-29                        6.5                            4.0
29-30                        1.0                            8.0
30-33                        1.0                            6.0
33-34                        1.0                            7.0
34-37                        6.5                            4.0   
37-40                        1.0                            6.0
What is your favorite sickness remedy?!
What's your favorite way to stay healthy during the cold and flu season?!

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