I finally did it! I took the plunge to start CrossFit! My only regret about starting it, is that I didn't start it right when I got home for the summer. My friend Jess, who has made some amazing changes in her life to become more healthy and fit, had been trying to get me to go to this gym since last summer. The gym I go to was not a CrossFit gym last summer, but turned CrossFit some time after the summer. Jess was able to hook me up with a free three-day pass to try out the gym. Needless to say I feel in love and haven't left since!

What was holding me back?
As you all know I thrive off of a great workout. I enjoy adding variety into my workouts, which is why I had really been having fun training myself, on my own. I have to admit though I had some apprehensions holding me back from trying out CrossFit, for as long as I have. First, I just didn't think I could keep up. I've seen the CrossFit games and different workouts posted all over websites, which quite frankly intimidated me. I basically was psyching myself out. Second, being fit in my own terms is one thing, but I didn't want to bring anyone else down around me, or better yet, embarrass myself. Lastly, the money. When researching CrossFit previously I had started incorporated a lot of their moves into my workouts. If I could do it on my own I wouldn't need to pay right? Especially when I am at school, I don't have the time for a job, which probably means not having the money for the classes. But I really wanted to try out "the real thing".

Why now?
When I got home for the summer, I knew I wanted to try something different, and really take this time to push myself. It's the summer too, so I don't have the excuse of classes and meetings to keep me from making a class time. Excuses keep us from taking on our fears and this summer I have no excuses!

What keeps me going?
One of my favorite things about CrossFit, is having a coach and other CrossFitters to push you to lengths that you never thought you could go. I have missed the team aspect of sports now that I am in college and being apart of this class has given me that team feeling again. I also, am loving the energy it gives me to take on the day! And I feel so much stronger and more confident. Confident in how I look and what I can accomplish in and out of class. Waking up early hasn't proven to be hard because I am excited to get to class. Even though I was nervous the first couple of days, and I still get nervous when I see workouts posted before the class that I don't think I can do, I am more excited to see what I can accomplish. Continually I have surprised myself with all that I have been able to do in the past couple of weeks. There are things that really challenge me like pull-ups and proper technique push-ups, but I know if I continue to go to class pushing myself as hard as I can every class then I will get better. More importantly I find that I want to work to get better rather than running in fear like I used to.

Do I really have the time?
Have I mentioned these classes are less than an hour long?! Talk about maximizing your time! On top of that I am more than energized for the day, putting me on the right foot to tackle whatever the day has planned for me, may it be work, errands or some healthy cooking in the kitchen!

What's next?
I have about a month and a half left at home for the summer. I plan on using everyday here bettering and challenging myself. Hopefully I will continue to learn a lot from the class and be able to implement what I have learned into my workouts when I have to go back to school and have to workout on my own. As I continue to learn throughout the summer I will continue to share with you all.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my idol Jillian Michaels that keeps me going everyday..."Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!"

Care to share:
Who else does CrossFit?
What are some of your favorite CrossFit workouts?


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