One of the greatest things about faith, fitness and food is that there is always room to grow! A little over a month has past since I have come home from school.  Over the past month and a half I feel that I have been growing a lot. I have had a yearning to grow as well. Where I am in my life right now is leading to a lot of growing. My life really is centered around faith, fitness and food. I am so blessed to have so many passions. It is especially cool when your journeys in each aspect reflect each other. Right now I am finding I am growing in so many aspects of my life, including these three. Luckily with faith, fitness and food, there is a never ending abundance of knowledge that is out there for the taking!

Faithful Flourish:
This summer I am participating in an online Bible study. Once a week I "meet" online with two other students from the Newman Center and our priest to discuss that week's topic. We have a reading we must complete before the discussion. I grew up going to public school, which I loved, but was not privy to all the lessons about the Bible and our faith that Catholic school students were. Recently, I have felt a tug on my heart to deepen my relationship with God. More specifically I feel that relationship needs to be developed through reading the scripture. Last night in our meeting we discussed how delving into His word will help us grow in understanding and faith. A fellow student has been feeling the same tug, to dive deeper into the Bible. My priest shared a website called Sacred Space which discusses the readings and gospel of the day. Right after our discussion I went on their website and found that the first reading was the same passage as one our readings for the week. Talk about timing! I took that as I sign furthering my desire to dig into the Bible. With that, I am aiming to start growing my faith by reading the daily reading, gospel and referencing this website to learn more.

Fighting for Fitness:
I told you last week when I talked about CrossFit about how I really wanted to push myself physically this summer. This goal is definitely being met everyday I go to class and take on the WOD (workout of the day). I continue to impress myself with all I can do, and how I can see myself growing.I am really enjoying taking on workouts I never thought I would be able to do. At class I learn something new everyday whether its about a new workout, CrossFit, health or even myself.

Feasible Food:
Of course one of my favorite parts about being home is having access to a kitchen. So far I have been having a great time experimenting in the kitchen. At home I am fortunate enough to be able to buy organically and locally. Unfortunately, when I get back to school I will be shopping on my own and doing all of my meals on my own, which is both scary and exciting! I am currently trying out different recipes that I think I could easily make and afford to make. Once I get to school I know it is going to be a whole different story, but preparing myself a little for this new venture won't hurt right?!

Care to Share:
What are your favorite healthy and affordable meals?


06/30/2013 7:46pm

So I feel like I just creeped on someone's fb, but this was so much juicier! Your recent blow post have been informative,exciting,and most importantly inspiring to a couch potato like myself. For the year I lived with you and still now, you seem to always be making the most with your time and in a positive direction . I thought ya deserved a little recognition... Keep it up& good luck on your 30day challenge!!! <3

06/30/2013 7:51pm

Thanks Er, you're the best!!


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