Just popping in real quick to check-in! This week has gone pretty well for me. I am still going to work on them this week though. I am going to challenge everyone with two new goals: don't let the weather dictate your workouts and don't forget to offer all you do to God. The weather plays a major role in our daily activities and moods. I know personally when it's raining and cloudy out I feel like I don't want to walk to the gym or put in as much effort as I should during my workout. This week the first couple of days it's suppose to be rainy and I do not want to let the weather dictate how my day goes, unless it's in a positive way of course! The second goal I am talking about is not 100% fitness related, but I truly believe when you are mentally and spiritually clear everything about you just works better. For this reason I know finals are approaching and life is stressful so don't forget to offer everything you are doing for the glory of Him. He is the reason we are where we are and He understands when we are busy. Just take a second to be like "God this paper I am writing is for you!". I know it seems kind of like a strange idea, but think about it and let me know how you felt about it! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

God Bless

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