Today has been a long day! Work in the morning, workout in the afternoon and work at night pretty much sums up my day. Exciting I know! These days though you are running place to place you can so easily trip up and grab those bad, sugar packed foods to go. There are a lot of foods that seem really great because they are easy to take with you while you're on the road, but we must remember to look at the nutrition label!

For my workout today I did a 45 minute treadmill workout and did low weight, high-rep sets of lower-body weights. And I finished that off with some ab exercises.

When I close at work I like to eat a bigger lunch since I basically miss dinner. Thank goodness for leftovers because I had my salmon and couscous leftovers today for lunch and it was just as good the second time around! For my meal after work, not sure you can call it dinner, I had strawberry Greek yogurt and a piece of whole grain toast with nutella!
Now I am relaxing for th rest of the night checking up on the Bachelorette. Sean and Ari are my favorites so far! Who's your favorite, Bachelorette watchers?!

Prayers go out to my best friend as she is currently flying to France!!

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