The countdown to race day continues with a little less than three full weeks left. Everyday I feel a different emotion about it, but excitement is always one of the them.

This morning I started off my day graced by the lovely faces of some of my students. New students too so that is always exciting and difficult. Difficult because you need to show your position as the adult who is in charge.

After class it was off for a nice 40 minute run. Later my friend Rose and I planned on swimming. Unfortunately the second we pulled into the parking lot the thunder and lightning siren went off. We headed back home to do some cooking! Rose had been asking to cook together so we went with my mom to our local farm to get some fresh produce. Their fruits and vegetables are the best! We had planned on making a brown rice recipe with asparagus and tomato. They did not have asparagus so we did some revamping of our own. We used green beans and green pepper! It was a good choice!
It was combined with some olive oil, lemon juice, chives, dil and salt and pepper. Then we added in the brown rice.
Rose was very excited about our successful dish!
This was a great dish too because it would taste great warm and cool.

After dinner my mom and I went to Target to get some school shopping done! It got me even more excited to go back to school. I love my friends and family here more than anything but I am starting to get the itch to get back. Anyone else at that point?

Nicole, Rose, Carly, Ashley and I are embarking on an exciting trip to Niagra Falls this weekend. We ended our night together finalizing plans for the trip! I am so very excited to get away. Especially to somewhere new and different. Have you ever been to niagra falls? Anywhere else around there we should go?!

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