I have a proposition for you all. Tomorrow, Monday July 1st, I am embarking on a 30 day challenge. In a little over a month my family and myself are leaving for a fabulous vacation to Curacao! I am so exnamcited for some sun and sand! With that, I wouldn't mind shedding a few pounds, to help me feel a little more confident on the beaches in my bathing suit.

On Instagram I follow a personal trainer named Massy. You can follow her @mankofit on Instagram. She recently posted about a challenge which is essentially cutting all the crap and eating clean. On top of that she wants you to train mean too! Here is the grocery list for the challenge:
The challenge is to follow this grocery list and this grocery list only! When I first saw this, I was like heck no can I do this! But I know I can, and you all can, do anything we truly set our minds to. She started her challenge today, but I am going grocery shopping tomorrow so I will start my challenge tomorrow. Here goes nothing! You can't make changes without challenging yourself right?! Who's with me?! Your support system is here! We've got this! I hope to share my meals with you all and hope that you will share some clean eats with me as well! Good luck all!


06/30/2013 7:32pm

damn so sorry i'm missing out on mooching off of your yummy cooking!


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