Today I went to the site of my sprint tri to map out the bike ride and run. The bike ride is two 8 mile laps. I only biked one lap though today. It wasn't too bad though. I am a bit nervous about how the bike and run start....this is the hill that you have to go UP to start the bike. Need I remind you, I will be coming straight from swimming and I could barely make it up with fresh legs!
This is the hill from the bottom...
This would be so much better to go DOWN!!

I'll be praying the whole way up! Besides that hill though the biking portion did have a couple other hills but overall it should not be too bad. The running is a lot of hills too however so I will definitely need to up my hills when I go running. My mom is a little worried about the hills too since she is still getting back into running.

The weather was perfect today for my bike and run. The sun was out but it wasn't too hot, and there was a slight breeze. It was good. Once I came home though I needed some lunch before work. I definitely needed some protein so I cooked up some veggies, threw some spinach on top and cooked an egg to put on top! One of my new favorites!
After work I went over to Carly's house for a surprise ice cream birthday party for her sister who is turning 18 on Friday! It was a success and Katey was definitely surprised! I was however eaten alive...but I still had fun! I suppose that's what I get for indulging in ice cream like that two nights in a row (last night was frozen yogurt though...). I really need to lay off the sweets until race day. Game on!! Help me to stay focused friends and be successful on my quest to forget about sweets! Oh boy it will be tough but I've got to do it!!

07/11/2012 1:07pm

Hey Becca! It sounds like your training is going well, keep it up! Hills are always the toughest part, I feel like biking up hills is sometimes even harder then running up them! But anyways I wanted to say that I am also a huuuuge ice cream fan, and what helps me limit how much ice cream I eat is first of all we don't keep any in the house (or i'd probably have an overdose of cookie dough ice cream haha), but also I only let myself have ice cream on saturday nights! For some reason "assigning" one day a week that I will go get ice cream made it much easier to give up! On the other days when I find myself craving something sweet, I keep a couple of bags of cut up frozen bananas and I blend them up with a tablespoon of peanut butter and it is exactly like frozen yogurt! Such a great treat to have!!

Rebecca Dubas
07/11/2012 8:40pm

Thanks for the idea Rose! I was actually thinking of assigning a day too! I'm not a huge banana fan yet, not sure why, I love all other fruit. Right now some greek yogurt is quenching my sweet tooth!


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