This week has been a long, reflective and blessed week.  As you all know by now the tragedy at the Boston Marathon occurred on Monday.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.  As a recreational runner and athlete my heart just breaks knowing how hard all these runners worked to get to that finish line! We are at peace now knowing the suspects have been captured! Please continue to keep all those affected by this tragedy and our country in your thoughts and prayers.
With everything going on this week I have made sure to take the time to reflect and thank God for everything He has graced me with in my life.  One of my passions, as most of you could figure out by reading this blog, is exercising and living a healthy life. Have you ever thought when you were working out how blessed you are to be able to be doing what you are doing? We are blessed to be fit! This week I have been working on pushing myself to new levels in the gym, and changing my working out philosophy (more to come on that in later posts!). Just think about that the next time you have the time to workout and you just spend it contemplating if you should go or not.  Here's the answer to that question every time...if you can, you do!

On the same lines as being blessed to be fit, I have been thinking in general how blessed I am to have the body I have.  I will be honest, I have never been the most confident in how my body looks.  Right now I am really looking to work on making changes to my body (part of my new philosophy). But I have been thinking that God gave me this body, that my mother carried for 9 months (I know getting a little literal...sorry), so why would I want to do harm to it?! By harm I of course mean feeding it unhealthy foods and not taking care of it like I know I should.

With that said the work starts now! I am not going to sugar coat things and say it's going to be an easy journey because I have already been down this road and am currently on a slight deviation.  I want to get back on route, not be swayed by others and what they believe, but care for my body how I know I should.  I have come up with an idea that should start this mission off on a good foot.  First, I want to invite all of you to join me on this LIFELONG journey! My idea to start us off, is to set weekly goal(s).  This way we focus on achieving small accomplishments each week that will hopefully stick in the long run. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been perusing the bikini sites and I want to wear a bikini this summer without feeling like I really should be wearing a one piece. I just want to get that confidence and I know we all deserve to have confidence in ourselves because we are all beautiful/handsome! So I am going to kick this off with the first week’s goal eating after 10 pm and before going to eat junk food count to 15 and ask yourself “do I really need it”. I think those are some good ones to start with!

                              We can do this!!!!

Please post about your progress, workouts, questions and goals for next week!


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