Yesterday and today have been a couple of nice days off from work. Not from school work though! Yesterday I worked out with my mom and then went to the pool to get a swim workout it.

My mom hasn't been able to run for her exercise for a long time now due to back issues, but she has a goal that she wants to finish my triathlon with me and run the 5k! She started her training the other week and I had time yesterday so I decided to join her on her workout. We started off with 20 minutes of running 2 minutes walking 2 minutes then finished with a 30 minute walk. Her walks can really give me a workout because she is 5'9" while I am 5'3". Needless to say to my legs are a lot shorter than hers!

After her workout we went for my workout! It wasn't super nice out yesterday which meant I got the pool to myself! I did get in a real swim workout though which was cool. This is what it looked like:
1 x 200
4 x 50
2 x 200
3 x 100
1 x 100
1 x 200
For a total of 1400 yards! After that I treated myself to one of their yummy fruit salads.

I made dinner too last night! It was probably one of my favorite meals I've made to date. Eggplant crepes!!
It was eggplants sliced thin and rolled with a spinach, ricotta and parmesan filling, backed then topped with Swiss cheese and served on top of a tomato basil sauce! It was soooo good! Comment if you'd like the full recipe!
Today it has actually been a little on the chilly side so for my workout I did a 5k looped I have mapped out, around my house. I set a goal that I wanted to complete it in under 30 minutes and that goal pushed me my whole run and I did it! After my run I came home and did P90X Core Synergistics! It kicked my butt...and I loved it!

I have a recipe for spinach gnocchi and I wanted to make them today because they have a lot of the same ingredients as the eggplant crepes, so I had leftovers. This was the first fail of the summer! The final step was taking the frozen gnocchis and boiling them. When I put them in the boiling water they automatically fell apart. I tried freezing the gnocchis for longer. I tried putting the gnocchis in while the water boiled but nothing worked! I was so dissappointed cause the picture looked so good! See?
Ah win some you lose some, right? Looks like my mom will just be picking something up from the store tonight.

What have been some of your recipe disasters?!

06/26/2012 7:26pm

Becca, I love the idea of eggplant crepes! I will definitely have to try that out soon. And I think that is so awesome your mom is going to finish the triathlon with you!! Keep up the hard work and good luck to both of you!!

06/26/2012 8:00pm

Thanks Rose! Let me know if you want the full recipe!


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