Oh boy it is hot out! I'm not sure what possessed me to, but I took on the eat today. After my class this morning I came home for my workout. I rode my bike to my high school which is a little over 3 miles from my house, there I went to the track and did some running. I first did a mile, going as hard as I could, because I knew the heat was gonna get me soon enough. Then I took a couple of minutes to do some jumping jacks, squats bringing my elbows to the opposite knee and crunches. Then I went for mile two and three. I finished my time at the track with some pushups, more squats and some lunges. Then it was back home for me! Needless to say when I got home I was so hot and I worked up quite the appetite. I had a yummy and healthy lunch! My whole lunch ended up being under 350 calories and I was really full afterwards. I had a veggie burger on a whole wheat bun, with a cup of watermelon and a mini babybel wheel. I worked six and a half hours tonight and it kept me held over u til the end of my shift for the most part
After a long shift I came home and needed something quick for dinner! Tonight I had Cascadian Farm Vegetable Medley with potatoes, snap peas and peppers. It was delish!! I haven't until recently discovered Cascadian Farm brand but I am quickly taking a liking to it. It is an organic brand too which means it is a little more expensive. Our health should be an investment though, so spending a little more on the good stuff is worth it if you can swing it!!
Stay cool everyone! It's supposed to be another hot one tomorrow!

06/23/2012 10:13am

What kind of veggie burgers do you eat? I've tried them before but it didn't go over too well haha


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