I have to admit that today was one of the more stressful days of work I have had. In the morning it was a challenge getting the kids to focus on me, with brand new playground equipment behind me, but I made it through! And tonight and at work, it was just full of craziness and mad people! But I made it through that too!

For my workout this morning after class I went along with one of my best friends Nicole. She has set workouts everyday for her upcoming field hockey season (she plays for Lebanon Valley College) and she loves having us tag along, even if we don't do the same workouts. We love going with her too. We all enjoy working out together! Today I did one of her running workouts around the track and this is what it looked like:
4 minutes running with some
dynamic movement
-10 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (5,10,
15 seconds)
-9 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (10, 20,
30 seconds)
-8 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (5, 10,
15 seconds)
-7 burpees
4 minutes of speed intervals (10, 20,
30 seconds)
-6 burpees
4 minutes running as hard as you
-5 burpees
It was hot out too making this workout pretty killer. And my legs were hurting from yesterday's workout. Then we finished with our usual gabbing by the creek and I went home to make my favorite granola bars! I got the recipe for these amazing bars from Becca Boyd's website homebeccanomics.com. These granola bars have granola, honey, peanut bitter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, rice krispies, craisons, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. Here is the end result! They look good and taste even better!
These will sit on my kitchen counter and be gone in a couple days. My family loves them too!

For lunch before work I wanted something a little different and "new". I am not sure I've mentioned how much I love eggs, but heres the first of many...I love eggs!!! Every kind of way, I love them! Today I poached a couple eggs, and put them on top of a toasted English muffin topped with spinach (a splash of olive oil), a slice of tomato and topped the egg off with some mozzarella cheese. It was deeee-lish!!
Look at that bite! The egg was the perfect amount of runny! It was great.

What is your favorite egg sandwich?! I'd love to hear, please share :)

I hope everyone has a egg-scelent Friday ;) yeah I went there!

Susan Tucker
06/29/2012 6:29am

I am going to try these granola bars...they look great...loved the egg white omellete too. I have not mastered making omelettes yet that look pretty..any tips? I have enjoyed your blog...so proud of you!!

Rebecca Dubas
06/29/2012 8:09am

Thanks Aunt Susie! My tip for poached eggs would be to first crack the eggs separately into ramekins. Then before you put the eggs into the boiling water add a couple table spoons of white or rice vinegar. That will help the eggs clump together without falling apart!


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