I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! This year I really attempted to submerse myself into the Lenten season. I gave up sweets, and adding salt to my food, while also adding a weekly daily mass and praying at meals! Also, I lectured and helped lead the processional at our Holy Thursday mass, which was a great experience. Easter day was spent with my family at home. I had a great day with my family! We ended having our annual Easter egg hunt inside because the weather wasn't very nice, but it was a lot of fun.  Yes I am 20 years old, but I was paired with my 3 year old cousin. That makes it okay right? I'm still considered a child in the family...I'll take it while it lasts!

My mom and I made the cutest chick cupcakes for Easter.  We just dyed the icing yellow, dipped it into yellow crystal sprinkles, chocolate chips as eyes, and icing for the wings, beaks and feet! So fun and a huge hit with the fam!
We also made the easiest dip. It was the Skinny Funfetti Dip. So simple and so tasty! 3 ingredients: 1 packet of funfetti cake mix, 2 cups plain non-fat yogurt and 1 1/2 cups low-fat cool whip and refrigerate! I unfortunately forgot to take a picture, but this is actually what it looked like and we served it with vanilla wafers as well!

Easter cannot be complete without two things...my church's peanut butter eggs and chocolate covered peeps.
What is your favorite Easter treat?! What is your favorite Easter tradition?

Rose White
04/02/2013 5:30pm

Okay drooling over the skinny funfetti dip!!!


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