Our road trip to visit Stephanie was a success! First success was arriving to her house without making one wrong turn. I know I used a GPS but I was still proud of myself. I tend to be directionally challenged. When Emily and I arrived at Steph's we were greeted my our excited friend and her welcoming parents. Her mom and dad were really awesome. We got the chance to sit and talk with them for awhile and they were great!

Her mom prepared a brunch for us travelers. It was very good! I even had my first encounter with Monkey Bread and my
goodness was it good!! She also made an awesome egg casserole and a yummy strawberry yogurt dip for fruit! I personally love to bring baked good when I go to someones house, especially for the first time, so I brought S'mores Bars.
It was a good choice too because it turns out her family loves this treat! Also, her mom made this amazing chex mix, which I am eating currently as I write this because I was lucky enough to take some home! Yummy!

After brunch and hanging out and her house for awhile, we got the tour of Montoursville. Pictures will not justify the beautifulness of the area. It is surrounded by mountains and the Susquehanna. It's gorgeous. After part one of the tour we went down by the river.
Yes I really took this picture!!
Stephanie is on the left and Emily on the right. I told them they HAD to make my blog!!
The three of us, thoroughly enjoying each others company by the riverside!

Next was round two of the tour. We got to see downtown Williamsport and more of the beautiful views. Then is was back home for some pizza for dinner and hanging out for a little bit longer until it was time to leave :( Emily and I did not want to leave, but we were happy to see Stephanie and be together again! It didn't even feel like two months had passed since we last saw each other! I am truly so lucky to have such great friends both at home and at school!!

Today was such a bore compared to yesterday. I woke up and made a breakfast wrap of spinach mixed with garlic, topped with tomatoes and cut up light babybel cheese and scrambled egg whites. It was very good, juicy, but still good.
After so errands, one including going to get my tri-bike tuned up, I got my workout in. I went to a local church that has a lot of land and has a trial that goes around its whole property. The trail ends up being two miles and has many different hills and turns. It is definitely more exciting then running around the flat track. I did two laps totaling four miles then went home to do that Pinterest 1000 calorie workout I posted the other day. I finished just in time to settle in for some of the Olympic trials, Dara Torres' first run and A Walk to Remember. What a great movie!

I finished the night at the older of my younger brothers, Ben's, baseball game. They won! It was a long game though. For dinner I made a salad that had cucumbers, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, green peppers, cheddar cheese and was topped with a chopped up vegetarian chicken patty. It was quite filling and tasty! I wish I hadn't put as much cheese on, but now I know.
Now it's hometowns on the The Bachelorette! Have a great week everyone! And whoever is traveling safe travels and have a wonderful trip!!

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