If any of you are from the Central PA area then you know what Jubilee Day is. It is the biggest one day street fair on the east coast. I am lucky enough to have it held right in my hometown! Though I may not appreciate it as much as others, because I've grown up with it, but it is still pretty cool to have this big event in our town! Jubilee day is filled with all types of food so I have to admit I splurged a little. I was lucky enough to go with one of my best friends Tyler, who I hadn't seen in awhile. It was another scorcher so we first started off with some small strawberry smoothies. Then we were pretty lame because we actually went to our local town diner for lunch in the AC! Haha. We did have a pretty healthy lunch there with egg white omletes with spinach, tomato and cheese! They were very yummy! For dessert? Back out to Jubilee Day to chow down in some pumpkin funnel cake! The person who came up with this dessert is an evil genius!! I'm so mad I forgot to take pictures! I'm still new to whole blogging thing... After that I was stuffed and just could not swing my workout in before work.

However after work I did shoot over to PF for a 25 minute treadmill run with speed intervals and 20 on the stepper finished off with some abs. I now remember why I prefer working out in the morning...because I like to go on a little binging fest when I get home and it is just way to late for that! One of my slip ups tonight which Ill have you know, was delicious was blueberry bread that I put some butter on and fried it on my frying plan. Quite tasty...unfortunately! Haha.
I must go because I have got a longggg weekend of work starting tomorrow morning and not really stopping much until Sunday afternoon. Hopefully I'll get my workouts in Friday and Saturday and be able to blog! If not happy first true summer weekend all :)

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