I don't have too much time because I have got to finish up some things before I leave for vacation tomorrow morning for a couple of days! I truly believe in vacations and that everyone needs one every now and then.  And after this week I really need one. I know I haven't posted at all. To be honest you really haven't missed much...it's been all stats, work and training like I promised it would be :) haha. I figured I would just brief with my few Peaks (high happy points) of the week and my few Pits (low points) of the week. 

Bad news first right?! 

My Pits:
  • My statistics test...enough said
  • practically living at my job this week...would've been easier to just sleep there
  • Not being able to see my friends much
  • Shelling out the dough for textbooks

  • Vacation tomorrow!!!
  • Statistics class is over!
  • On Friday I completed the full bike and run of my triathlon back to back with a time that I was pleased with!
  • My triathlon is 6 days away! 
  • I continue to  be reminded daily f all the great things God has been doing and will be doing in my life! 
  • Started buying a bunch of stuff for my dorm room this year!

I thought I'd throw in some food peaks that I had this week...

A pretty basic salad served with a Raspberry Walnut dressing but it really hit the spot!
Not the best photo quality but a simple easy meal or snack.  Use a whole grain english muffin and you are set!
Could you think up a more perfect lunch?! I love Panera's pick two combo. I got a caesar salad with summer corn chowder which I loved and a strawberry low-fat smoothie! 
Week of the pizzas maybe?  This time it was a portabella mushroom cap pizza! Great idea while skipping all the carbs from the pizza dough. 
I'll blog this week enjoying my vacation and anxiously awaiting race day!!

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