Happy Friday All!

This is my first blog post for this new blog I have created and I am excited to embark on this blogging adventure! I am new to blogging so bare with me...

I woke up this morning to a call anyone would love to have to start a Friday morning off...I got called off of work!! I got the call at about 8:50, which means I was about to get up anyways.  I enjoy getting my workout done in the morning when I can.  I got dressed, got distracted by an episode of Boy Meets World, the one where Tapanga and Sean kiss, then I headed down the street to my local Planet Fitness.  Planet Fitness is such a great place to workout, and it doesn't hurt that it is right down the street from my house either. 

I should probably mention, before I tell you what I did for my workout today, that I am currently in training for a Sprint Triathlon.  One of my best friends and started our "official" training about three weeks ago for our FIRST sprint triathlon that is set for August 11th.  I am so nervous and excited to train and accomplish this goal I have set for myself, and the fact that one of my best friends is doing it with me makes it so much better! I found a training program online from Triathlon Geek that set up a 12 week training program, which I am trying to follow, with some modifications. 

Back to PF (as my friends and I like to call it)...one of the other reasons I enjoy and sometimes not enjoy, if you catch my drift, working out at PF is running into people I know.  This morning I was lucky enough to run into one of my good friends Hannah, who I haven't seen since we both returned from school! Needless to say my workout was delayed a little bit, but was totally worth it, getting to catch up with a good friend! Now, for my workout today my packet instructed to do upper body weights and core strengthening.  I almost always need to start my workout with some type of cardio, so today I did a hill program on the stepper for 30 minutes.  Then I went onto my upper body weight workout. For each exercise that I did, I did 3 sets of 15 reps on a lower than normal weight.  I wanted to do slow and low (weight) , high rep sets.  This way I can get toned without getting jacked! With that I did low row with 35 lbs. , tricep pullbacks on a bench 10 lbs. dumbells, tricep extensions with one 10 lbs. barbell weight, lat pull down with 40 lbs., pronation grip front facing barbell raises with 8 lbs. handweights and ended with elbow raises with 8 lbs. handweights.  Some of these exercises you may have no idea what I just said, so I will work on getting an exercise section of my blog put together for you all! After my weights, I ended with another 10 minutes on the elliptical at the random setting level 13 (such a bad number to pick but I love the burn!) and some core workouts.  For my core I almost always start and end with a set of 25 normal curnches.  From there I did 30 bicycles (one of my favs!), 30 oblique crunches, 20 side crunches with the first 10 regular then the last 10 pulses (on each side), 10 vertical crunches and finished with 25 normal crunches! I usually like to throw in some push-ups and planks, but my arms were hurting too much!

After my workout I went shopping with my mom.  First on the list, new bike helmet for my triathlon! Safety first ;) Then we went to Kohl's one of our biggest money suckers, but always a good deal, especially with our favorite 30% off coupons! Finally, we finished the long afternoon of shopping with one of my new favorites...a low-fat wild berry smoothie from Panera!

Later I finished off the night with some of my best girlfriends with one of our weekly, for the most part, traditions...Pizza Friday!! Tonight we went to one of our favorites, our in town pizza shop, JoJo's.  I did not however get pizza, I got a delicious grilled veggie wrap! I know you think I don't follow my own tradition, but we try to at least go to a pizza place, even when most of us don't get pizza. Then after our yummy dinner we ended the night with a viewing of Pocahontas! Bringing me back to my childhood much?! Such a great night and day! 

I know this entry was probably a little long...thanks for reading and stay tuned! 

God Bless 

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