Well triathlon training is now officially over and I am anxious to embark on a new exercise regimen.  Being an athlete most of my life I appreciate having a schedule.  Now that I am out of organized and school sports I am looking for different programs that I can do.  When searching for a new program I wanted to find a program that focused on getting me toned.  With that I found the LiveFit 12 week program through bodybuilding.com. I am following this program without following the diet plan.  

I have started Phase 1 which is the first 4 weeks.  The first four weeks is focused on isolating the muscles.  It is instructed that there should not be any cardio the first four weeks.  Well in reality this is just impossible for me. Especially since I have not been eating amazingly this past week, and since I am not following the diet plan either.  The four days I have done lifting this week I haven't done too much cardio though.  Just an additional 15-30 minutes on the elliptical, stepper or going on a run. 

The first two weeks of phase four is only four days of weight training then three days off.  I completely agree with having a rest day, but three rest days is just too much.  This morning the power went out and I was actually planning on doing a P90X video.  I am glad the power went out though because I actually planned my out cardio blast workout! I was surprised how sore my legs still were from doing my legs two days ago.  But I felt really good after and proud for pushing through! This workout took me about 50 minutes to complete and for my run portion I did a lap around my house that is about .7 miles per lap. 

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I put the workout in an attached publisher document.  If it does not work comment and let me know! If it does work comment and let me know if you try it out!!

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